The two arrested students are accused of having prohibited two senior administration officials from leaving the building | PTI

JNU Protest: FIR against students for wrongful restraint

The ruckus is a result of the much critiqued compulsary attendance order that ahs caused a furore among students 

Exploring the scope of careers in the training and development sector

Imagination is the future, says Dr R Karthikeyan of  Indian Society for Training and Development 

Dr R Karthikeyan from the Indian Society for Training and Development gives us his predictions of how the scope of careers in this sector will expand with time

Names of the candidates from other countries would be announced in April | Cambridge University

Six Indians among 35 students from the US selected for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The aim of the program is to build a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others

Sports commentator and analyst Suhail Chandhok

There is no way without doing your homework in this field: Suhail Chandhok

So what if an injury kept him off the field? Sports analyst and commentator Suhail Chandhok took to the off-field with gusto and mastered that too

Men have also expressed their solidarity for the cause, but the founders are hoping to attract more youngsters who can help bring a new change

#DontHideItPeriod: These out-of-the-box pads will leave you feeling bloody good

Tho best-friends have come together to raise funds for The Better India & Akaar foundation to build a sanitary pad factory will employ local women to manufacture and distribute bio-degradable, low-co

Netspeak or cyber-slang is what is trending; the language used by most cyber-users

The evolution of words, from Oxford language to cyber-slang

English Professor Albert P Rayan says words have, over time and with the boom of the internet, evolved and changed to carry completely alternate, modern meanings along with the original versions

The signature campaign started on Thursday and will run up to an event called #ChaloRashtrapatiBhavan (Let's go to President's resident) that is scheduled to be held on February 27, 2018

#RollBackMetroFareHike: Delhi students hit colleges to collect signatures to petition Prez Kovind 

The fight has been on for two months now. It is certain that the students are exhausted with the requests falling on deaf ears but they clearly aren't in the mood to back off 

The new notes have been called by a chunk of the Indian population for its stark contrast to the old currency | PTI

Why we didn't fall in love with our new currency notes

The Reserve Bank of India was entrusted with the behemoth task of designing new 500 and 2000 rupee notes

Focusing on conflict and peace in Film and Theatre could help create the awareness necessary said experts (Representative image)

Civil society has to chip in to protect human rights, say experts at Women's Christian College

Short theatre presentations and short films contributed by student participants added another dimension to the proceedings

Every night, she would go home, and try to be brave in front of her parents, for she knew they had done everything they could to provide for her | Representative Image | Courtesy: FranchiseIndia

Kids shamed for not paying fees: Why we are failing the kids who need support the most

What's the point of making children feel humiliated for their parents' inability to pay money? Does it force parents to pay faster or does it merely scar a child to the point where they commit suicide

A candidate's external aura goes a long way in helping their potential employers assess and react in the positive (representative image)

Say no to stress: Impress your future employers with some of these desirable qualities

The author feels that young people need to equip themselves with certain desirable qualities and prepare themselves instead of being overcome by stress and regretting it later

Dozens were injured, a few of them critical after the former student walked in and rained fire on them | AFP

19-year-old ex-student opens fire in Florida school, kills 17 on Valentine's Day

According to media, Cruz had earlier been identified as a potential threat to his classmates but  the issue of bullying and psychological trauma which could have triggered the act is coming into focus

This Valentne's day, florists rake up profits while flower vendors don't feel so Rosy

Roses are red, prices will make you blue: Bought for Rs 5, roses are sold for six times as much on V-Day

Valentine's Day is the day of love, but local flower dealers and farmers aren't feeling any. Meanwhile, you're paying a bomb for something they're selling at a pittance

Mosmuller can help you be more creative

This mysterious ladies group comes together every New Moon night. It's not what you think

Puducherry-based Julie Carolien Mosmuller is a certified coach who helps harness the inner creativity through the New Moon Sisters Women's Circle 

Minhaj Arastu (right), the principal of Focus High School

Meet the principal from Hyderabad who has topped an exam for teachers

The principal of Focus High School, Minhaj Arastu, topped CENTA's TPO exam. So we talk to him about education and more

Co-founders of UpGrad, Mayank Kumar and Ronnie Screwvala

Have a job dear to your heart, but still dreaming of PG? Up your game with UpGrad

UpGrad, an online learning platform that offers courses in association with Cambridge, MICA and more

The slew of posts are calling on youngsters to celebrate the anti-sentiment and have some pun | Facebook

Anti V-Day protests? Troll pages create fake protest pages to thwart love haters online

While extremist groups head to your nearest cafe or park, we'd suggest you log into Facebook and attend one of the several 'fake protest' events condemning the Western concept of Valentins Day

The Virgin Tree of Hindu College | Pic courtesy: DU Times

Jacqueline Fernandez and the DU Virgin Tree: Everything you need to know about this bizarre V-Day ritual

The event that attracts thousands of students every year is loaded with dance, shout outs and proposals. Who would want to miss that?

The app is a first of its kind initiative to combat honour killings in the State

This techie created an app to help inter-caste couples escape their families' wrath, reduce honour killings in TN

Vasumathi Vasanthi, a software professional talks about how she was motivated to create an app called Kadhal Aran that will provide help to couples running away from getting 'honour-killed'

One syringe for lip augmentation starts at 20K and for cheek and eye the starting price is 30K

My facelifted Valentine: Why dermatologists are making a killing in the run up to V-Day

There is more to Valentine's Day than the naked eye can catch — it has a million dollar beauty industry revolving around it — and young India is lovin' it

There wasn't a day when the couple did not meet during the two years they had known each other, before they got married

The reserved man and the free bird: How they fell in love

The drives, the parties, the movies — it was almost like a dream for innocent Ranjana, who was already fantasising about a long and beautiful life with Naresh

Pic courtesy: Quartz

Where are the relevant training and development programs, ask 63% Indian students 

The Report, which is authored by academics of UK-based Bournemouth University, also suggests that 67% of Indian employers are unsatisfied with the skills of fresh graduates

The minute Muruganantham entered SPI Cinemas, he was flooded with people young and old — everyone wanted a selfie with him | Pics: Ashwin Prasath

When Chennai students got to watch Pad Man with the original Pad Man

Arunachalam Muruganantham came to Chennai on Tuesday and watched the film he inspired with a theatre full of school students

The fad, now a global phenomenon, has recently entered India and is pulling quite the crowd (representative image) |

Forget Parrikar and #GirlsDrinkBeer, what do you make of Beer Yoga?

While young girls drinking beer and alcohol-linked concerns have been rife, we found that an international fad that fuses beer and yoga has slowly been making inroads. Who'd have thunk?

Taskeen Fatima is at war against the urban lifestyle

Taskeen Fatima's YouTube channel The Urban Fight arms you with tips to be healthier

Hyderabadi girl and ACE-certified trainer Taskeen Fatima's videos are helping us fight the good fight

Some of the posters of the movies to be screened at the  Indian Film Festival of Bhubaneswar

If you're in Bhubaneshwar, then you have a date with the movies this Valentine's Day

The ninth Indian Film Festival of Bhubaneswar will begin on February 14 and checks all the boxes of an ideal film festival — diverse, definitive and desi

A view of Kampot, Cambodia

Dabaki: A journey of 16 artists through Cambodia in search of inspiration and magic

Dabaki takes artists on a journey through Cambodia were they will try and find both magic and inspiration that will spark their magnum opus

The two teams and their young members are treated in stark contrast to each other

A Tale of Two Teams: Aizawl FC lads sleep near train toilets to get home, while U19 cricketers travel club class 

​Social media is abuzz with the triumphant U-19 cricket team posing with their trophy after their recent win and the U-15 Aizawl FC team wrapped in shawls, asleep next to toilets on a Guwahati train

The march began in the grounds of the Maharaja's College

Thanks to this NGO, women in Kerala unite to say #MeToo

The members of the Raising Our Voices Foundation speak about supporting the MeToo movement and finding a way to spread the movement far and wide

Tovino Thomas himself had a better love story than Maathan

This Valentine's Day, find out how Kerala's heartthrob Tovino fell in love

Ahead of Valentine's Day,  Tovino Thomas talks about his love story, vacationing with the wife in the UK and why he won't stop posting on Facebook about things that irk him in society today  

The couple celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary on February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day: What's it like to fall in love in the time of library cards?

Sithanthi Alfred and Alfred Victor talk about falling in love in the 80's against their family's wishes and getting to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary today

Ron has travelled to places devoid of bustling tourists and come across musicians and places that will take your breath away

How 23-year-old Ron Bezbaruah is 'uncrumpling' India's greatest indie musicians for you and me

​The Wilson College alum has documented some amazing musicians as part of The Uncrumple Sessions, despite doing a whole lot more every single day

The JNU students are not backing down any time soon.

Protests at JNU: Students put up posters asking the VC to permanently 'absent' himself

Over 2000 students have been protesting over the last two days and the numbers are expected to grow over the next few weeks

A slew of cases since December in West Bengal schools has prompted for the release of the much needed book (representative image)

Poems about good and bad touch distributed free to kids in West Bengal

The book that translates to 'Shout at the top of your voice' tells kids how to distinguish between good and bad touch and what to do if things get out of hand

Raghunath and Murphy on a holiday

Valentine's Day: A tale of friendship and love from the land of coconuts

Murphy Mony and Raghunath Damodaran takes us on a journey down memory lane, to tell her their love story

Private schools have done little to aid children from less fortunate backgrounds resulting in dropouts, says study | (Representational image) Pinterest

English, high costs and lack of concern by schools cause dropouts: Study

The study says that one of the main "excuses" given by a school is that after allotment (under EWS category), parents show no interest for admission while the institute fails to follow up on it

Seat cuts in 2016 allotted not a single seat to the chair |

Free language classes to preserve Jawaharlal Nehru University's Kannada Studies Chair

With no hope from the administration, Prof Bilimale has begun translating classical and non-classical Kannada literature into English

The film has opened to good reviews and has set the box office running

Five lessons Padman teaches you, from breaking taboo to dreaming big, fearlessly

Padman isn't just another movie, it teaches you lessons to take back with you after the film and leaves you asking more questions about the social taboo around menstruation

P Chidambaram gives his take on the budget

Chidambaram's Take: Ten points that show you everything that is wrong with the Union budget

Former Finance Minister and Rajya Sabha MP is extremely sceptical of the lastest budget. Find out why. 

The wall has been under works since Tuesday and the entire project is hoped to conclude by Saturday | Maria Kuruvilla

These Engineering students in Chennai clean sewer, paint social messages on walls in Ambattur

Students from St Peter's Engineering College, Avadi, are getting down and dirty as they clear trash and tree waste from the sewer tunnel that runs along the Ambattur Estate bus terminus

Hard-work, perseverance and dedication are Mohit's mantras | (Representative message)

Stay calm and CA on: This is how CA topper Mohit Gupta cracked the exam while working

Advanced planning and time management are two critical factors crucial in preparing for competitive exams

The program 'CEO of the Month' started on February 2, 2018

Shout out to students: This company wants you to become their CEO for a Month 

Wooplr, a clothing-collation brand, wants the freshers to take control of their lives by putting them at the top-most position in the company  

By gamifying the concept, the team hopes to inculcate the habit of segregating in users

These Bengaluru-based students have created an app that shows us how to segregate waste 

The app has different bins for different kinds of waste and teaches users the right way of disposing

The announcement was made a day after the online application submisison began (representative image) | PTI

NEET on May 6, Aadhaar number mandatory for all except J&K, Meghalaya and Assam: CBSE

In case of any mismatch in the Aadhaar number, name, date of birth and gender, the candidates will not be able to fill up the form 

The court said it was better for all parties if the boy was shifted to a school with a more suitable curriculum (representative image)

Should the differently-abled be denied a normal education?

The petitioners argued that the boy was slow but not incapable of giving the exam, which the school refuted calling him "unfit" to give the Class X Boards

Fear can be overcome by paying a lot more attention to small strategies (representative image)

Hear are 3 easy ways to overcome your fear factor

One needs to be able to control their fear and explore alternatives that help you overcome it and flourish

HRD Minister Prakash Javdekar and  MEA Sushma Swaraj inaugurate the book in Delhi| PTI

Exam Warrior: PM Modi's book on exam stress is hitting the roof at the Kolkata Book Fair

 Exam Warriors, a guide to trick your stress by PM Narendra Modi is priced at Rs 100 and a customary discount of 10 per cent is being offered at Kolkata book fair

The minor was thrashed for being naughtier than his peers on the playground (representative image)

Hearing-impaired 10-year-old caned, students made to clean toilets in Tamil Nadu school

The District Elementary School Officer transferred the erring teacher while others in the management had tried to hush the issue

Corporate counsellors administer personality to help individuals discover a career track

Beyond the bots, employees will need a human troubleshooter

The experts in this field are required to have specialised knowledge in the science of behaviour in the workplace with in-depth knowledge of organisational development, attitudes and decision theory 

Experts in this field deal with the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports

This is why you need to venture into a career in sports medicine

The specialists in sports medicine can serve as consultants, counsellors, performance enhancers and even educators — as conditioning and health become huge focus areas

Environment Sustainability experts help to identify and assess the impact of climate change

When your day job is all about making the world a cleaner and better place

The renewable energy sector is diversifying rapidly and, as a result, employment opportunities are on the rise. Their role is to collect and analyse data for research projects 

Digital Media is an ever-evolving field and is very dynamic in nature

Get on the rapid evolutionary curve  of the digital media juggernaut

Digital Media or Marketing experts should also have an understanding of consumer habits and should be able to communicate effectively with the clients

Career counsellors also help people who have lost their jobs or are unhappy with their career choices

Navigating the career paths of Indias high-flying millennial masses

Career counselling is poised to be one of the futuristic career choices, providing an opportunity to initiate entrepreneurial ventures, and join leading consulting firms to shape careers

People pick up the language and grammar by reading, speaking and watching things in the language, say Albert Rayan

Why Collocation is problematic for most English learners. Here's how to fix it

Albert Rayan, Professor of English believes that it is imperative that one know not just the word's meaning, but also its combinations for a healthier and effective use of the language

The University says that delivery boys could pose a 'threat' to security on campus

No Swiggy, No FoodPanda -  UoH students banned from ordering food online for "security" reasons

Students at University of Hyderabad talk about why it's frustrating that they are denied such a basic right and they will be discussing it in their GB meeting on Friday ​

The meaning of he word is one that has over the years ceased to be used both in speech and effect (representative) | Pinterest

Have you ever said Mea Culpa? Find out what it means

The word has existed for decades yet is seldom used, and little known to many an English-speaker. Albert Rayan explains significance and meaning of the Latin word

The absence has been linked to stricter measures and additional forces now (representational image) | Internet

Shocker: Over 1 lakh students skip their board exams in Uttar Pradesh. This is why

The board exams are under stringent watch after several cases of cheating have surfaced. This has brought in a slew of new, stricter rules

The Chennai police band had recently played at a mall during a festive season | Shakar Pappu/ Facebook

Police bands across Tamil Nadu will soon play for the public in new reach-out initiative

The police bands, which till now have never performed for the public will now appear at malls, parks, beaches and other areas that attract the common crowd in order to connect 

An ethical hacker uses penetration testing techniques to test an organisation’s IT to identify vulnerabilities

Break into the career boom that ethical hacking is exploding with

Ethical hackers are cyber security experts who are capable of breaching security systems. The purpose behind this is to identify weaknesses in the security systems 

Robotics Engineering may lead to potential career opportunities in manufacturing, research and engineering

How making and managing robots can automatically shape your future

Robotics engineering deals with the design of modern, highly functional and innovative robotic systems. It also deals with their operations and applications in varied industries

Choosing experience design as a career is going to be a very smart move for every aspiring creative soul

The art of designing that perfect software interface

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design refers to the programming of software and devices that help power the future

Communication strategy helps to define an organisation’s relationships with its customers

The time is right to communicate across countries, cultures and class

Communication strategy is the art of communicating information that the company wants to divulge to the public. The information could be related to the launch or marketing of a product or the like

Their duty is to manage statistical data based on the needs of their company

Your days will not be numbered if you give Data Science a shot in life

Data scientists are responsible for mining complex data and providing systems-related advice to the organisation. The role includes ways to incorporate vast information with a focus on IT

Food is a territory where we are able to see a huge vacuum and a lot of scope

Learning how to cook up a storm and make a good living off it

A food specialist or a chef is someone who understands the concept behind cooking and is able to prepare or critique it to perfection and today, it has more potential than ever before

The professions of Image Consultancy and Personal Styling advise clients and improve their mental and physical characteristics

Changing the lives of people by shaping the way they are perceived

An image consultant aims at analysing an individual’s behaviour in public and assists them in moulding themselves to perfection to adapt in a changing social environment

A travel manager works within travel agencies or companies to promote particular places and destinations to clients

The art of crafting unforgettable holidays could power your career

Tourism is slowly beginning to lean on sustainability and responsible travel in order to accomodate environmental changes

Renewable energy engineers are a group of experts who work exclusively to create environment-friendly and sustainable alternatives to existing energy structures

Powering the world without choking it can be quite fulfilling

Renewable energy engineers focuses on alternative energy and a clean slate towards making them a widespread reality

Disaster management refers to a systematic repose system to naturally occuring disasters

The skills the world will need in case of an emergency

In addition to managing the effects of a disaster, disaster management aims to raise awareness and preparedness of such occurrences — especially those caused by climate change

Atmospheric water is generated using methods that extract water from humid ambient air

What it takes to quench thirst in a world where water is becoming scarce 

Harvesting water in areas that may be falling short of water supply is considered the next step in water management and production

The Punsters - Prakash, Dileep and Santosh

Check out the trio behind PunDo, the FB page that intends all its puns

PunDo will surely tickle your punny bone. Run by three 25-year olds, this page is not even 20-days old yet has over 1,500 likes

Meditation helps in being mindful and paying full attention to the task at hand, feels this coach

Keep calm and meditate on to get the creative juices flowing, says this Latvian coach 

Agnija Kazusa from Latvia, through her workshops, advocates for meditation to help with creativity

Biomedical Engineering is an interdisciplinary subject that merges the primary principles of medicine with that of engineering and design

You can push the frontiers of medical science on an everyday basis

From pacemakers to stem cell engineering, the greatest technological and biological leaps in the past few decades were invented through the work that took place within Biomedical Engineering

Instructional design is the process by which methods of instruction and learning are designed, reinvented and executed

Virtually holding a student by their hand through their education process

Instructional design is quickly changing the face of education by taking it off of books to the screen

The idea behind a happiness officer is to go beyond an employees external and basic satisfaction

Happiness has a new destination and it's your very own workplace

A happiness officer is a new corporate avatar that has replaced the human resource manager in companies

There is great demand in the Indian business scenario for talented designers

Why designing will never go out of vogue even when the machines rule

Designers have the unique ability to identify problems, situate themselves within multiple contexts, use ambidextrous thinking and synthesise information using logic and lateral thinking

Machine Learning, which is an application of Artifical Intelligence (AI), allows systems to learn by themselves

Why SIRI and Alexa are just the tip of the Artificial Intelligence iceberg today

With e-commerce websites and social media telling you what to buy and what to see, AI and MI are required in a lot of areas.

A Big Data analyst must make the most of data systems and processes

Data mining and the art of deducing what corporations need to keep doing

To unearth obscure trends, patterns and inferences from sets of huge and varied data, a Big Data analyst should have knowledge of rudimentary subjects like statistics and numbers.

Get ready, as the world is increasingly going to move towards videos

All the world is a video, and we are actors creating content that clicks

Whether you want to put out your ideas, create a series, promote your band or simply explain an idea — video creation is the way forward and social media platforms are the right stage

Having an intricate understanding of 3D modelling is essential in this field

Turning concepts and ideas into three-dimensional works of daily art

3D printing application engineer helps bring a fragile idea or concept to use with 3D printing technology or additive manufacturing

Different people belonging to different religions and faiths are governed by different laws in India

Why you will definitely need counsel of the legal kind in the future

When it comes to marriage, divorce, succession, property disputes and other civil issues, Personal Law is bound to grow by leaps and bounds

Alternative medicine is used in place of traditional medical practices to heal, rejuvenate and help

When healing and rejuvenation become a way of life for people  

The field of alternate wellness is diverse and encompasses many techniques like acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, ayurveda, balneotherapy, homeopathy, yoga, unani, naturopathy and more

Those in this field may require to convey their findings to concerned authorities, scientific communities and even lawmakers

Care more about the food on your plate and where it comes from

Work for a food and agriculture scientist happens in a lab for experiments, laboratories and greenhouse laboratories for research, and out in the field

The ones who opt for this field make sure that all the work carried out is in sync with environmental regulations

Crafting workable solutions for an ecologically safer world tomorrow

Experts in the field of environmental engineering look for ways to minimise or manage pollution and waste through design systems, processes, and equipment

Before take-off, flight engineers have a checklist which needs to be cleared before the plane is air-borne

When others fly into the skies, you have to make sure they are safe

Flight Engineers, among other things, check flight systems before, during and after the flight. They make sure that all parts of the plane are functional and handle any mechanical issues

In most cases, you can choose the amount of work you wish to do in this field

Put on your creative cap and wield your pen for the 'write' career

This field requires basic language skills and grammar knowledge to be able to write and deliver what the client requires

Ram Kumar and Valarmathi now run a YouTube channel called The Tiny Foods which features them cooking South Indian dishes using super tiny utensils and served on cute little plates

Why this Tiruvannamalai couple's Tiny Cooking videos can make you feel incredibly full

Micro cooking Sakarrai Pongal in a village setting? What's that all about, you wonder? Check out this awesome YouTube channel

The troupe performs Shakespearean plays by carrying their props and costumes on their bicycles

This sustainable theatre troupe performs Shakespearean plays on their bicycles

Co-founder of The Handlebards, Tom Dixon, speaks about being a cycling actor and making their theatre sustainable

The bold abduction in broad daylight had left the national capital reeling in shock

Kidnapper shot dead in encounter, Delhi cops rescue minor abducted on Republic Day eve

The boy was abducted from his school bus in broad daylight at a time when security in Delhi was top level and ten World Leaders were in the city for the ASEAN Summit

Participants at the Mixer Session

With mentors from Ivy Leagues, fulfil your dream of studying abroad with Gradvine  

By connecting aspirants to alumni, Gradvine bridges the information gap that often exists while one applies abroad for higher education

Cathryn is a leading member of the USA's professional storytelling community

Storyteller Cathryn Fairlee fuses culture, dynamic characters and folk to create a change

Discover the stories and traditions of cultures around the world with Californian storyteller Cathryn Fairlee, a performer of traditional tales

Delhi High Court, in its orders, have asked them to lose the tag of 'university' because 'they don't look like one' | PIC: Reporterscorridor

Delhi HC tells Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya 'you are not a university'. Four reasons why UGC would agree

Remember Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya that was raided by Delhi Commission for Women in December? Well, it is found that it does not even abide by the UGC guidelines to exist as a university

She had threatened one of the principals with a false case of harassment if he refused to approve her job (representational image)

Karnataka Government lecturer caught after six years for using fake marksheets

The woman had used a typewriter to enter new, false marks against the maximum mark cards which held a stark contrast and mismatched her original

The poster of Ground Zero Fest

Networking, inspiration and more: Destination conference at Vizag is the place to be this weekend  

Ground Zero Fest in Vizag promises to be a conference which has something for everybody

The group is wary of technology for younger kids, and even wrote an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Representational image) | Humane Technologies Blog

Democracy a victim of social media: Find out what these former employees have to say

The site will include data on the health effects of different technologies and ways to make products that are healthier, media reports said

Hyderabuddy recommends what to do while in Hyderabad

Wondering what to do and where to eat in Hyderabad? This Instagram handle will guide you

Run by true blue Hyderabadis Manasi Chaudhari, who is a lawyer by profession, and Pallak Sancheti, who owns an advertising agency, Hyderabuddy handle has over 2,000 followers

Parents queued outside the school from midnight (representational picture)

Parents sleep outside school to ensure their kids get admission in Kindergarten  

Parents felt that the wait was worth their while based on the school's reputation as well as its education


Bombay HC refuses permission to 16-year-old autistic student to write Board exam from normal school

The Bench directed the school authorities to provide the petitioners (the boy's parents) with a list of schools with an alternate curriculum suitable for their son 

The factory set up by her is producing 2,000 sanitary pads per day | Maya Vishwakarma/ Facebook

Forget Padman, this 'padwoman' has made it her mission to create menstrual awareness in tribal areas

Maya Vishwakarma is working for menstrual hygiene and cost-effective manufacturing of quality sanitary pads under the banner of her organisation- Sukarma Foundtion in her native place

Parents voiced their disapproval over irregularities (representative image) |

Parents of students in CBSE schools protest in 22 states to regulate fees

Tamil Nadu was one of the few states in the country that tried to regulate the fee structure of CBSE schools

The University has already set up an action plan to promote research activities

Gangadhar Meher University sets up special cell to promote research activities

The students of the University are expected to benefit with the increasing research activities

A total of 693 graduates received their degree certificates

KCG College of Technology celebrates 15th graduation day

The 15th Graduation Day of KCG College of Technology was celebrated on 5 August 2017

The inaugural session of the conference

GITAM played host to a conference based on Towards Risk-Based Solvency

The conference, sponsored by ICICI Prudential, had eminent speakers speaking on the topic

Careers 2030
Careers 2030