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Sruthi Reddy Rapolu loves singing and she acts as well

23-year-old Hyderabadi girl Sruthi Reddy is winning over Instagram with her voice

Rapolu’s renditions of popular Telugu songs are winning hearts and so is her acting in various short films

SP Udayakumar says that Gnani Sankaran was agreat stroy-teller, always popular with children.

Gnani kept the anti-nuke agitation in Idinthakarai alive: SP Udayakumar

Anti-nuclear activist and writer SP Udayakumar writes about his friend and collaborator on various social campaigns - Gnani Sankaran who passed away on January 15

The JNU admin deployed guards at all school buildings in response to the University Strike

JNU students stage massive stir against mandatory attendance diktat. Will it work?

Hundreds of Jawarhalal Nehru University students gathered at the SL Lawn on campus supporting the JNU Student's Union (JNUSU) strike against the compulsory attendance proposal 

The boys had beaten the victim and left him near a drain, before returning to school (representative image)

Class IV and V students held for attempting to murder minor classmate in Odisha

The four accused and the victim belong to a residential school for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and the incident is said to have risen after an argument between the victim and one accused

At the end of it all, Gowtham decided to make his way to Madurai to witness Jallikattu first hand

TN may never see a protest like it again: One year on, Jallikattu protester relives those 6 days

Gowtham B, an artist was associated with the cause much before the massive protests talks about his experience and how it was to finally see success after that historical week

Ahuja has sold off seven properties in the past few years | Facebook

Baba's langer: This 83-year-old cancer victim sold his assets to feed the poor

Remembering hard times from his childhood, Ahuja started langar service in Chandigarh and adjoining areas way back in 1981, which now attracts hundreds of patients and their attendants in north India

The naming of the species is significant in the current popular culture scene. No way you can forget that spidernow | IFL

GOT's Lord Varys is now an actual spider species along with six other famed characters

Seven new spider species in Brazil have been named after seven famed characters including Harry Potter and Charlottes Web

Zainab was raped and murdered near her house in Pakistan

Yes, 8-year-old Zainab was from Pakistan. Here's why every Indian should take it personally 

Being a citizen of a progressive country, we should express solidarity and help to unify against such atrocities irrespective of political boundaries

From a modest beginning, the school now boasts of around 600 students where 70% are Muslims | IANS

This Delhi-based 'Rasta' school is showing Muslim girls the path to education

Rasta's teachers went from door to door convincing parents to send their daughters to the school and then charged only Rs 40 a month and provided free books and uniforms

Rani may not look like the 17-year-old in the passport-size photograph anymore, but she isn't a scarred 25-year-old either

From a 17-year-old acid attack victim to a 25-year-old survivor: Here's Rani's journey  

Just a vial of it was all it took to change her life and turn her world upside down. And the bearer of it? A soldier. A man in uniform who took an oath of ‘Service Before Self’. What irony! 

The models wore a range of creativce and artsy designs from crop tops to lehengas and Kurtas. Pictured: A survivor with a model

Acid attack survivors hit the ramp at a fashion school in Noida

The main aim of the event and IMS-DIA and Surkhab was to instil in the survivors feelings of beauty, pride and confidence

They are professionally trained at Winners for 6 months before they start working in this cafe

Initiative by a Chennai-based cafe has changed the lives of these acid attack survivors

The café that has employed ten acid attack survivors in its kitchen, donates all of its profits to the International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC)

Anshu and Farah had to come to Chennai to get their eyes operated at Sankara Nethralaya

Acid attack survivors from all over the country come to Chennai. Here's why!

Most of the acid attack survivors in the country have got their eye surgery done in Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

Niraj with acid attack survivor Rupa

Niraj Gera is giving a transformation to acid attack survivors through his photographs

Niraj Gera's photographs perfectly portrays the pain of an acid attack survivor and the dreams that the liquid burns

Anmol calls herself the ‘happiest girl on Earth’

Shamed for having a burned face once, 23-year-old Anmol now rehabilitates acid attack survivors

Instagrammer Anmol Rogriguez who also runs an NGO Acid attack survivors saahas talks about how despite being attacked by acid and abandoned as toddler, she has a positive outlook towards life

Nadeem Khan first saw the Bhagvad Gita in his school library and found it very interesting as he started reading it | Facebook

Meet this Rajasthani Muslim kid Nadeem Khan who loves reciting Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit

Remember those two Muslim students from Jaipur who bagged top positions in a contest on the recitation of the Gita verses? One among them is now passionately learning Sanskrit

Zuckerberg believes that social media is a tool to connect with the people we care about and that's what the new move entails | AFP

Mark Zuckerberg to tune Facebook to focus on people and cut down on ads, media posts

The idea is to help users connect with people they care about and not make them feel depressed and isolated by encouraging more people to people interaction

Pic courtesy: Instragram

8 Instagram accounts that have hilarious memes you wouldn't want to miss

Bad mood? Here are few Instagram pages loaded with sarcasm and humour that may help you to brush off all the worries

This initiative by startup Karam is to create a platform for upcoming start-ups to explore and discover more about their community (Picture from 2017 Pongal celebrations)

These Chennai startups are blending food, music and dance to bring to 2018 Pongal 2.0!

Over 200 startup companies are gearing up to celebrate Pongal with the taste of organic food along with both Indian and native sports and arts like Kabaddi, Thudumbattam etc

Alan is dedicated to catering to the India that is usually sidelined, and with their new products aims to reach out to them with some basic English on a platform accessible to everybody |KISS

British English? Now get easy lessons to study English over Jio chat

The British Council has worked tirelessly for 70 years to bring English education to the forefront and encourage youngsters from India to travel and widen their horizons to the UK

Picture courtesy: AFP

Afzal Guru's son gets distinction in JK class 12th board, twitter showers love

Afzal Guru was executed in 2013 for his role in the 2001 Parliament attack. Galib secured 88 percent in the examination.

The Commerce Guru, Avinash Brahmadevara

This man shows how to nail the profile of a Commerce Guru

The Commerce Guru, Avinash Brahmadevara, talks about his labour of love, Avinash College of Commerce and how it came to be

A micro satellite in the group will be India's hundredth satellite in space | Rediff

India spaces out in 2018 as 28-hour countdown for launch of 31 satellites begins at Sriharikota

The Satellites are not all Indian, and excluding four come from six different countries including South Korea and the US

Muzzafar Bhat used to cover the three-hour long distance between Ananthanath and Shopion to reach her home twice a week

Kashmir pellet gun survivor Insha Mushtaq clears 10th board: Here's the man who helped her get there

It is a big day in the valley — the face of 2016 pellet gun victim Insha Mushtaq passed 10th board and her mentors don't know how to control the excitement

The Monk knows it all | Picture: Oldmonkunofficial/FB

Man behind OLD MONK dies: Why students will always be thankful for this drink  

The man behind the universal drink for students — OLD MONK — dies at 88. Here's why we need to remember him and extend our thanks for helping us sail through those evenings in college  

Do not try this if you are an NRI visiting your grandparent's house in India | Representative image

NRI Day: Five things that we HATE about our NRI brethren!

Pravasi Bharathiya Divas, that's how they technically call NRI Day. Here are 5 things that could annoy you about 'NRI behaviour'

Mannan is remembered as a quiet man who was smart and did nothing that led him astray

Aligarh Muslim University draws social media ire after PhD student joins Hizbul Mujhaideen

Several testimonies and even reports have attributed this sudden shift to join militancy to incidents of violence or abuse with the Indian armed forces living in the valley

Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd | PICS: AFP and Instagram

Campaign TIMESUP: Golden Globes 2018 was a sea of black to deter sexual harassment 

The #TimesUp campaign gathered momentum after the Harvey Weinstein scandal and was supported by some of Hollywood's most revered faces, most of whom were clad in black to shun sexual assault

The compulsory attendance rule has been implemented in other colleges like IITs and other University-affiliated  institutions

JNU students union boycott classes to protest "IIT-like" compulsory attendance rule

The students are protesting the move which was called by the vice-chancellor but is being supported by some of the faculty

Image for representational purpose only | Express Photo

Pre-school be so mainstream: All you need to know about mom-toddler classes  

Since the child gets to meet a lot of children of similar age groups, it is said that they find it easier to cope up better with the school and get away with the initial shyness

After the Nirbhaya case, the Indian Penal Code was amended to include voyeurism as an offence

Indian Law won't cover you being photographed secretly but there is still some hope

Privacy was recently declared as a fundamental right but the invasion that occurs on a daily basis in our country has no definite law to protect it. However, sub-laws can greatly help in such cases 

The study has revealed that gender labels are all it takes to create gender labels

Stop limiting kids choices to only blue and pink to curb gender differences, says study

The study by the University of Hong Kong has revealed that gender labels are all it takes to create gender differences and imposing only accepted colours is forcing gender norms on them

Aditya Munot will contest with Grandmaster Anand at the finals tomorrow, in the U-13 category

Viswanathan Anand to play simulcast with junior contestants at the IIFL Wealth Mumbai Intl. Chess Tournament

With participants from 25 different countries, the event had already generated great buzz amongst the parents and participating students

Parvathy's latest film 'My story' is facing a lot of hate comments

Dear Trollanmaar, think you've hit Parvathy where it hurts? Perhaps. But your time will come SOON!

The internet has been mercilessly trolling Parvathy over her opinion on misogyny in cinema. But the trolls don't realise that what goes around comes around

She roasted Padmavati haters and puts in place those publicly shaming women as well as those often 'othered' when it comes to the mind | Instagram

#HBDDeepika: Four reasons why Deepika Padukone is an idol for Indian millennials

It's been quite an evolution for Deepika Padukone, who went from a young debutante to one of Bollywood's finest actor's working tirelessly to eradicate stigma attached to mental health

Members of Kairoz in their element

Vizag-based band Kairoz is working on a web series next and we JUST CAN'T wait

In the world of music, it is all about survival of the fittest and the one who adapts to the changing tides, stays. It's no wonder Kairoz has sustained!

These bio bags once disposed off, degrade in three-months  time

Green hero: This young innovator makes starch-based bio bags that don't harm the planet 

This young innovator has come up with a novel solution to replace plastic bags with biodegradable bags made out of wastes of maize, vegetables and paper

Agarwalla and his father with the CM of AP, Chandrababu Naidu, at the AP AgTech Summit 2017

Kisan Network is putting the power of purchase back in the hands of the farmer

Princeton dropout, AP AgTech winner, featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list — all these are pale in comparison to Aditya Agarwalla's mission, which is to help farmers get their due in our country

Single and confused at 25? You aren't alone

Five things that may easily annoy you if you are unmarried at 25

Here are few things that you can easily relate to if you are living in India and managed to live a single life at 25

Hindu women seen with men from other faiths will be beaten and straightened by vigilantes from right-wing groups preaching Hindutva | Jhatkaa (representative image)

Mingle with non-Hindu men and get thrashed: Right-wing group warns Mangaluru students

Veera Kesari from Mangaluru is inciting communal violence and breaking all records of moral policing by saying any girl seen even talking to a non-hindu man, will be beaten

NOBB has over 13,000 YouTube subscribers

Check it out: You wouldn't want to miss Namma Ooru Boy Band's latest song 

Just a week after its release, Pakkamaaga became super popular, thanks to music lovers. Josh Vivian from Namma Ooru Boy Band tells us about his recent single 

India's diminishing respect for old structures is seen in the quick-developing economy and the need to build anew

Heritage Hit: 2017, the year that brought an end to old Indian pride

2017 was the end for many historical and unique structures that have for years been neglected and finally been left with little choice but to be demolished

Mini owns and rides a Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Meet Kerala's Mini Augustine, the oldest woman to 'bullet' up the Himalayas in a Classic 500

Nothing seems to get in Mini Augustine's way as she gushes about her motorcycle journey to the Himalayas and her love for her Royal Enfield Classic 500

Aishwarya Hegde and Tamoghna Dey from Deepam

This viral video of two Odissi dancers performing on Alaa Wardi's song is a must-watch

Deepam, the Odissi academy in Muscat, will see student-turned-teacher-turned-Head taking over the reigns. And her first move? Putting out a viral video

Amit Godse's project has been selected by Sandeep Maheshwari’s top innovative projects among other thousands of applicants

This software engineer became a beekeeper to save the human race. True story! 

Pune-born Amit Godse, who quit his job to conserve bees in Maharashtra, tells us about his Bee basket initiative

The rally was organised against stigmatisation and to promote sustainable menstruation

These Kerala NGOs have joined forces to get rid of the stigma surrounding menstruation

Aarthava Yaanam was an eighteen-day-long event across Kerala to bring awareness to taboos surrounding periods and sustainable menstruation

Jatin Adlakha indulges in a selfie in high passes

Fling your guidebooks in the air and travel free with Jatin Adlakha's Wander Gupt

Not every view needs to find its way to social media. Travel without an itinerary and truly experience destinations with Wander Gupt and its unique travels

Divyaa with her students

This lady from B'luru runs a mobile school that teaches shlokas to Gen Y

Gurukulam, the Shloka learning centre teaches Shlokas to children, helping them lead a peaceful and happier life

JNU campus

Seven-day-old decomposed body found hanging from tree on JNU campus

The police found the body after an anonymous person spotted it in the forested part of the campus

As simple as it sounds, this group of movie geeks from the South are taking the attention of world cinema lovers from round the globe

26k followers and trending, this Facebook group gives global cinema a Tamil twist

This group of strangers came together to promote global cinema to afficionados of cinema across India. Siva Sankar, one of the admins of the World Movies Museum group tells us how it works

The BBMP would be making a fixed deposit of Rs 5 lakh under the name of its Commissioner and the child | Representative image

Baby girl born on New Year to have her education funded by the Bengaluru Civic Authorities

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike will make a fixed deposit of Rs 5 lakh under the name of its Commissioner and the child in what is a move to encourage the birth of girl children

The boy, studying in the fifth standard, was playing with his friends when his father scolded him | Representational photo only

10-year-old boy hangs himself after father scolds him for not taking a bath 

The parents, who were waiting for their son for long, broke open the door and found him hanging from a towel on a pipe

Some serious new year resolutions that never happened in the past | Representative image

New Year Old Me: Here are 5 resolutions that probably will not happen in 2018 either

Have some serious New Year resolution goals? Well here are some that have stuck to most our lists, for years. In case you can finally pull it off, 2k18 is going to be awesome!

Reny George has helped rehabilitate more than 500 prisoners

Madrasile Mon: How Reny George put his murderous past behind him to help ex-cons get a life

Ex-convict Reny George served his term in prison and has now made it his life's mission to rehabilitate other prisoners and their families — through the Prison Fellowships India programme

It is a widely accepted belief that women cannot and will not react. We ask you to break that thought (representational image) | AfterEllen

It is NOT okay to click photos without permission. These women say ENOUGH is ENOUGH

These women tell you it is high time to take charge — Public shaming, asking for help and police intervention have proven to be good measures to discourage such acts

Most MTC authorities say that no action has been taken yet because there have been zero complaints (representative image)

Will take strict measures for their safety but women have to complain: MTC MD

Many women opt to go with friends or acquaintances thus leaving the 250 fixed all women buses running mostly empty

Google has a step-by-step method to help curb such action

Your photo or video could be up on a porn site. Here's how you can remove it

Approaching the police is an option but the process is often slow but the internet has facilities to help you do it yourself

Raising an alarm often comes with either judgment or inaction, a main reason why women usually let these brushes off light | Picture: Shiba Sahu | Photos for representation only

Did that creep just photograph you on the bus? Here is how you can deal with him

50 per cent of women often prefer slithering back into the shadows than confronting the medium fearing stigma and judgement

It is not a good feeling when someone takes your photo without your knowledge. We are sure you agree | Representational image | Courtesy: Firenewsfeed

#IAmNotClickBait: Women share what it's like to be stalked and clicked in public places 

In most cases, the crowd remains silent or feigns ignorance. Clearly, that does not help the women who feel violated and threatened 

Some shady site may have pictures and videos of you , and you won't even know | Shiba Sahu/ TNIE

Your photos are being clicked without your consent. What are you going to do about it?

You may just be doing absolutely nothing for these creeps to shoot videos and post them online. #IAmNotClickbait Campaign is an attempt to tell them victims aren't the women. 

Part of Preeti Jaiman's book cover

What happened after that? The question that pushed Preeti Jaiman to write a book  

Born in Odisha and currently residing in Singapore, Preeti Jaiman did not let anything get in her way of writing her debut book — and it could be one of those modern Indian favourites  

Sanjay Mishra with director Panda while shooting for Kadvi Hawa

Why you have to watch Nila Madhab Panda's climate change film Kadvi Hawa ASAP  

Director Nila Madhab Panda has been helping us swallow the bitter pill of environmental calamities through his films. With his latest, Kadvi Hawa, he is at it again  

Parvathi expressed her opinion at the IFFK 2017

Parvathy row: How troll page ICU got trolled for standing up for feminist actor

After they started making memes in support of Parvathy, the backlash from supporters of their page was shocking — but the admins of ICU are not going to back down anytime soon

Students in Indian Medicine Systems will get to practise other forms of medicine also under this bridge course | Career India

Soon, you may need to clear NEET to get into AYUSH courses too!

For all systems of AYUSH, minimum 50 per cent marks have to be obtained by the candidates to be eligible for admission to undergraduate courses

Fear and the possibility of being wounded or worse by rowdies is a constant fear, and sometimes also a reality

Completely helpless when it comes to warning perverted passengers: MTC conductors

The conductors are taught how to deal with sensitivity and to cater to the needs of women passengers. Despite that, they live in fear of being assaulted or brutally injured

Cake art by Shalini Grosu

Here's how this Hyderabad-based 'home-baker' is giving her passion a delicious twist  

Red Velvet is the place to go if you’ve got a large order of baked goods and you need a homely touch. If you’re lucky, you may get tips to scale up your baking business

Lack of belief in god is connected to genetic mutations which cause attributes such as left-handedness or autism | Representative image

Did you know that left-handed people are more likely to be atheists?

Researchers from Oulu University identified that people who were either left-handed or had autism or schizophrenia were less likely to be religious

Vaishya completed his graduation from Agra University in 1938 and secured a degree in LLB in 1940 | Twitter

Meet this 98-year-old from Patna, who became an Eco postgraduate yesterday

Raj Kumar Vaishya was one among 22.1K students to receive a degree from Nalanda Open University this year. About 2780 students, including 29 gold medalists were invited to the convocation ceremony

Santa with a child from Home of Hope

Volunteers of this NGO became Santas for underprivileged children this Christmas 

Let's Spread Love started by an XIMB student now helps the underprivileged in six cities

Students benefitting from ILP

India Literacy Project's mobile libraries are helping over 1,000 govt school kids. Here's how

While speaking about the progress of India Literacy Project’s Hyderabad Chapter, its founder offers a lot of insight into CSR and funding  

Karthik Naralasetty from Guntur started Socialblood with the mission to solve the blood crisis of the world

Karthik Naralasetty wants to solve world's blood crisis with an app and social media  

Karthik Naralasetty from Guntur started Socialblood to ensure that people who needed blood would never be left in the cold. The changemaker talks about his app and how he got Facebook to like it  

Ready to get your drone on?

Can you make drones? Hackadrone 2018 is an event you wouldn't want to miss

Hackadrone 2018 is inviting people from far and wide to come up with innovative solutions using drone technology  

Report says that digital marketing jobs with tech opportunities in the domains of machine learning, data scientist and data analytics being the aspirant's hot favourites | Representative image

Jobs in Ayurvedic sector witnessed a  56%  increase in 2017, making it one of the 'flexible jobs' in India

A new study by Indeed suggests that jobs in sectors like digital marketing, government and technology saw a significant rise in 2017    

The participants of Jagriti Yatra

Get on the Jagriti Yatra train and experience the railroad trip of a lifetime   

The Jagriti Yatra is in its tenth year of taking entrepreneurs across the country and this year, it’s halting at the Rashtrapati Bhavan too!  

India saw the world's most pollution related deaths in 2015

Guinness World Record: 5.3K Delhi school students came together for an anti-smog game

The initiative by the Lung Care Foundation and Petronet LNG, aimed to create awareness about pollution among the Delhiites was lauded by President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Adolescent brains show a reward-center action which makes them easily learn new things from their surroundings | Representative image

Here is why you should create an unmitigated environment for your teenager's brain development

London based researcher Sabine Peters' study shows why children between 10 and 19 can easily grasp and retain new information for a longer time

A pioneer of Mathematics in the country and an inspiration to many others, Ramanujan's birthday is celebrated as National Mathematics Day

National Mathematics Day: From Infinity to beyond, Counting 130 years of 'Ramanujanism'

These five books have been penned by reputed personalities documenting the life, work and inspiration of Srinivasa Ramanujan whose love for Maths changed the course of the subject in India

The Vizag-born Sricharan Pakala

From classic rock to Premale, composer Sricharan Pakala is Tollywood's next big hit

After making all the right noises with the background score of PSV Garuda Vega, now this Vizag lad has his hands full with Tollywood projects  

Sindhoori Somayajula's art posted on her Facebook page CanvasSutra

CanvasSutra, a 22-year-old's brainchild to create art and help dogs 

A lot of persuasion and thought later, Somyajula put up her art on Facebook and has been on a roll ever since, taking requests for designs on paper or canvas  

From Youthquake to feminism, here are some popularly used terms

Was that a 'Youthquake'? Must be 'fake news'. Here are words that trended in 2017

Complicit, Feminism and Truth have been named top words of 2017 by several dictionaries and a language monitoring body as words used most by people this year

Any the story teller's rainbow art is just one of her many creations

Asst VP to a storyteller, Aditi Dewra uses teabags and chewing gum to tell artsy tales

Aditi uses simple everyday objects like tea bags, chewing gum and urges people to look at them defiantly through her creations  

Karthik Chandrasekaran has made it his responsibility to fight for the basic rights of the disabled

Banker, cricketer and chess-wiz, Cerebral Palsy no dampener for this 32-year-old

A chess wizard, an M Phil graduate, an entrepreneur and activist — there's no barrier too big for Karthik Chandrasekar

Research conducted in laboratories has previously shown that bacteria can stay alive at extremely cold temperatures | Representative image

Polar ice and snow could sustain living bacteria for decades, finds UK study 

According to the researchers, the composition of small samples of gas trapped in the ice may have been affected by bacteria that remain active in the snow while it is being compressed into ice

Selvi Kunjigowda, South India's first taxi driver

Meet Selvi who got out of an abusive marriage to become south India's first female cabbie  

The story of Selvi, South India's first woman taxi driver, was documented over the past ten years by ace filmmaker Elisa Paloschi. Both talk about how they are taking Driving with Selvi to the masses

Chethan's work has also been recognised by Ashoka’s Youth Venture programme

With 24X7 helpline, this B'luru boy will make sure that you get a blood donor within an hour 

People who are willing to become blood donors register with the organisation and are contacted whenever there is a request for a particular blood group

The stage is set for Social Media Summit and Awards (SMSA)

The viral factor: Meet Telugu YouTube hotshots who educate, inspire and make us laugh

Government of Andhra Pradesh took the first step towards recognising and awarding players on social media at its first Social Media Summit and Awards (SMSA) conducted in Vijayawada

Education Minister had advised some private schools to follow the rules and norms framed by the ministry | Representative image

Educational institutions to come up in remote areas to help boost education in J&K

Education Minister Altaf Bukhari said the measure was to bring an even-steven, brushing away the setback faced by the education sector in the past decades

Akash was awarded the Rashtrapati Navapravarthan Puraskar from the former president, Pranab Mukherjee

This 16-year-old from Hosur invented a device that can detect silent heart attacks 

The Hosur boy is the recipient of the President’s Award for his astounding research to predict silent heart attacks that could potentially save many lives

13,004 MBBS seats have been added in the last three years

India saw a rise in medical seats by 5,800 in 2017, Government tells Rajya Sabha

The Rajya Sabha was also told by Union Minister Ashwini Chhoubey that  the one-time increase was permitted this year after the student-teacher ratio was revised

Three Dalit women students have resorted to a hunger strike after the University failed to take any action

In Sanskrit Varsity, Dalit women students protest sexual harassment standing outside college gates

The PhD students claim casteist and sexist comments were hurled at them by male members of AKRSA, a wing of the Student Federation of India

The college has been set up in the name of philanthropist Dyal Singh Majithia, who dedicated himself to educate

Dyal Singh College not to be renamed until Centre's approval: Prakash Javdekar

The issue was brought up during Zero Hour where the government said it had nothing to do with the move and blamed it on the college management

The figures for 2017 have risen by a 100 as compared to girls missing in 2016 | Leena Kejriwal

Almost 3K girls disappeared from Maharashtra in the first half of 2017: Devendra Fadnavis

Four special drives by the Devendra Fadnavis-led government helped find 1,613 girls between January 1 and June 30, 2016, and 645 girls this year

Helping someone you don't know, has psychologically proven to create more empathy and compassion especially during teenage | Youtube

Stranger things: Teens who help unknown people have greater esteem than peers, says study

The study also says helping family and friends may not have the same effect as helping total strangers, which forces teens out of their shell and triggers new feelings

The Catholic Church has been criticised for often taking very light action or none at all against accused priests

Australia has failed thousands of kids over the decades, says National Sex Abuse inquiry 

The 2012 inquiry report had received over 10K victims saying they had been abused- a majority of the accused institutions being Catholic. The report also said priests had committed multiple offences

In India, child labour in the agriculture sector is most rapidly increasing and of most concern | Youtube

Activist Kailash Sathyarthi calls for effective measures to globally curb child labour by 2025

The reputed Indian child-rights activist has urged powerful bodies within the world organisation to work effectively and immediately by taking a sustainable and well-revised approach

Mary Bhuvana Rani has 20 years of experience in this field. She initially worked in the deaf and dumb school for 12 years

How this school for autistic kids in Madurai is 'training' them in temples and theatres

OLR Special School's mover and founder Mary Bhuvana Rani, tells us about how her school for autistic children is all about giving them everyday experiences and helping them deal with it better

Students are being extensively trained in five different domains viz Animation, Hardware, Cyber Safety, Electronics and Malayalam Computing | Representative image

30K school students to spend Christmas vacation getting training in app development 

Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education has planned to enhance students tech-skills through app building, cybersafety and Malayalam computing

The School For Justice is a brainchild of Free a Girl and their partner J Walter Thompson Amsterdam

How School For Justice is making lawyers out of girls who were victims of human trafficking

Among the first batch of girls who were enrolled in School For Justice, seven have secured admissions in reputed law colleges in India under the 3 and 5-year programmes

Maneesha established Silk Route Escapes with the hope to spread experiential travel in Kerala

Manisha Panicker's island resort will hike your love for travel, local culture and nature

Maneesha Panicker speaks about her love for slow tourism and establishing Kayal, a dream island location for tourists from across the world

The University has already set up an action plan to promote research activities

Gangadhar Meher University sets up special cell to promote research activities

The students of the University are expected to benefit with the increasing research activities

A total of 693 graduates received their degree certificates

KCG College of Technology celebrates 15th graduation day

The 15th Graduation Day of KCG College of Technology was celebrated on 5 August 2017

The inaugural session of the conference

GITAM played host to a conference based on Towards Risk-Based Solvency

The conference, sponsored by ICICI Prudential, had eminent speakers speaking on the topic