Shiamak Davar and his crew during one of his stage shows

'My dream came true when I choreographed Madhuri Dixit'

Dance guru Shiamak Davar talks about his long tryst with the biggest celebs in the world, his academy, choreographing for films and why dance needs to be in the education system

Gautami Tadimalla | Sunish P Surendran

Your child shares your DNA but they’re not born to fulfill your dreams: Gautami speaks about her game-changing education system 

Veteran actor, Gautami Tadimalla talks about her aim to alter the education system in rural areas, her letter to the Prime Minister, her NGO Life Again Foundation

Sunil in Antarctica with Robert Swan

This Hyderabad man is going to walk 100 km around the South Pole, surviving on clean fuel to save the earth

Hyderabad-based Sunil Kumar is raising funds to survive in the South Pole solely on clean energy — an expedition that he hopes will get plenty of people to rethink the way they consume energy

No jobs for alumni: IIT Roorkee Director says he won't hire his PhDs as staff because it's like 'marrying into family'

At a time when everything is Make in India, IIT-Roorkee's director says that he is keen on bringing in the best internstional and domestic faculty, instead of hiring alums to teach at IIT

Complete chaos ensued and the event stood cancelled | Courtesy:

Prashant Bhushan, AMUSU Prez called 'deshdrohi' by ABVP during 'peace' event at UP College for supporting Kanhaiya

At an event organised at a Degree College in Aligarh, UP, ABVP supporters caused a furore that required the police to rush the advocate and the AMUSU President off stage. No one has been detained yet

Tamil writer Ashokamitran passes away at 85

Dear Mr Ashokamitran, I wish we'd done that interview sooner: A reporter's account of her tryst with the writer during his last days

The reporter talks about her incomplete interview with one of the most prominent doyens of Tamil literature, Ashokamitran. 

ITM Business School, Chennai

 ITM Business School conducts Finestra 2017

ITM Business School conducted their financial convention, Finestra2017 with the theme "intervene to improve"

Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister for HRD, felicitating the Platinum Award winning team

These students from MITE developed a frictionless gear transmission system using polymagnets

The innovation that makes rides smoother won them a prize of Rs 10 Lakhs

Soha Ali Khan announces Pratyasha Nath as India’s Classmate Spell Bee Champion

Actress Soha Ali Khan announced Pratyasha Nath as the season 9  Classmate Spell Bee Championship

Rev Valson Thampu delivers his speech at the ThinkEdu Conclave

Modern knowledge, ancient wisdom

Rev Valson Thampu shares his views on how the present education system has drifted away from the primary role of imparting wisdom and not just knowledge

La La Land wrongly declared as best picture winner

Here's a peek into the Oscar blunder and a  few good acceptance speeches 

Accepting an Oscar often bring winners to tears. But how do the winners express their gratitude to win the hearts of the people. Find it out here 

A still from Hacksaw Ridge

Life lessons from Hacksaw Ridge: How the power of belief helped Desmond Doss 

Desmond Doss walked into the bloodiest battle of World War II with nothing to protect himself but with his Bible and powerful beliefs