Netspeak or cyber-slang is what is trending; the language used by most cyber-users

The evolution of words, from Oxford language to cyber-slang

English Professor Albert P Rayan says words have, over time and with the boom of the internet, evolved and changed to carry completely alternate, modern meanings along with the original versions

Published On:
16 Feb 2018

Why we didn't fall in love with our new currency notes

The Reserve Bank of India was entrusted with the behemoth task of designing new 500 and 2000 rupee notes

Published On:
16 Feb 2018
The new notes have been called by a chunk of the Indian population for its stark contrast to the old currency | PTI
Every night, she would go home, and try to be brave in front of her parents, for she knew they had done everything they could to provide for her | Representative Image | Courtesy: FranchiseIndia

Kids shamed for not paying fees: Why we are failing the kids who need support the most

What's the point of making children feel humiliated for their parents' inability to pay money? Does it force parents to pay faster or does it merely scar a child to the point where they commit suicide

Published On:
15 Feb 2018

Say no to stress: Impress your future employers with some of these desirable qualities

The author feels that young people need to equip themselves with certain desirable qualities and prepare themselves instead of being overcome by stress and regretting it later

Published On:
15 Feb 2018
A candidate's external aura goes a long way in helping their potential employers assess and react in the positive (representative image)
The court said it was better for all parties if the boy was shifted to a school with a more suitable curriculum (representative image)

Should the differently-abled be denied a normal education?

The petitioners argued that the boy was slow but not incapable of giving the exam, which the school refuted calling him "unfit" to give the Class X Boards

Published On:
08 Feb 2018

Hear are 3 easy ways to overcome your fear factor

One needs to be able to control their fear and explore alternatives that help you overcome it and flourish

Published On:
08 Feb 2018
Fear can be overcome by paying a lot more attention to small strategies (representative image)
The meaning of he word is one that has over the years ceased to be used both in speech and effect (representative) | Pinterest

Have you ever said Mea Culpa? Find out what it means

The word has existed for decades yet is seldom used, and little known to many an English-speaker. Albert Rayan explains significance and meaning of the Latin word

Published On:
07 Feb 2018

What's it like to be a young girl with short, choppy hair in India?

Girls are told that hair is a matter of pride, even if they feel nothing of the sort. The pressure is immense, with many admitting that they would love to cut ther hair but won't because you know why!

Published On:
03 Feb 2018
A country where a woman's features, especially her hair are of prime importance. And if you cut it...? Awkward silence*
Young graduates can defeat negativity and lack of confidence only by developing a very strong sense of positive mental attitude | Representative image

Here's why positive mental attitude is a must in an employment scenario

Nicholas Francis is a HR mentor based in Madurai. He serves as a memeber of board of studeies of Social Work in colleges and contributes to the professional training and development of institutes

Published On:
24 Jan 2018

Do we or do we not need to be patriotic?

The writer, John Monterio, is a lecturer who drifted into writing and Journalism. He has authored three books and is the founder of the Bondel Laughter Club in Mangalore 

Published On:
22 Jan 2018
Bench led by Chief Justice Dipak Misra clarified that it is not mandatory to play the anthem before screenings in cinemas | Representative image
SP Udayakumar says that Gnani Sankaran was agreat stroy-teller, always popular with children.

Gnani kept the anti-nuke agitation in Idinthakarai alive: SP Udayakumar

Anti-nuclear activist and writer SP Udayakumar writes about his friend and collaborator on various social campaigns - Gnani Sankaran who passed away on January 15

Published On:
15 Jan 2018

Yes, 8-year-old Zainab was from Pakistan. Here's why every Indian should take it personally 

Being a citizen of a progressive country, we should express solidarity and help to unify against such atrocities irrespective of political boundaries

Published On:
14 Jan 2018
Zainab was raped and murdered near her house in Pakistan
Parvathy's latest film 'My story' is facing a lot of hate comments

Dear Trollanmaar, think you've hit Parvathy where it hurts? Perhaps. But your time will come SOON!

The internet has been mercilessly trolling Parvathy over her opinion on misogyny in cinema. But the trolls don't realise that what goes around comes around

Published On:
05 Jan 2018

It is NOT okay to click photos without permission. These women say ENOUGH is ENOUGH

These women tell you it is high time to take charge — Public shaming, asking for help and police intervention have proven to be good measures to discourage such acts

Published On:
01 Jan 2018
It is a widely accepted belief that women cannot and will not react. We ask you to break that thought (representational image) | AfterEllen
The problem, Francis says is that candidates today have taken the significance of the resume too lightly (Representative image)

Adding some confidence and soul to your resume could get you that job: Nicholas Francis

The author says weak resumes that lack life or character and are often written by a third person are strong factors for job failure

Published On:
13 Dec 2017

Teachers or defecation inspectors? How Kalam's dream for teachers may be hitting the dirt

A lot of us might have seen government school teachers taking voters census in houses, and there are a lot more they have been made to do, but is that even a teacher's duty? John B Monteiro talks

Published On:
04 Dec 2017
Bihar Government's recently issued order says that teachers have to perform additional duty, where they have to monitor and stop people from open defecation
Students start discovering their abilities at teenage or later in first year college, then only they would figure out the purpose of their life before they get to work | Representative image

Know your DNA: Three simple secrets to discover excellence for every student

Every young graduate can transform their life towards achieving excellence in their career if they discover their natural abilities, writes Nicholas Francis

Published On:
04 Dec 2017

The video of North-Easterners being abused at an ISL game reeks of racism. And it needs to stop NOW

The viral clip from an ISL match shows how much latent racism we have for people who look 'chinky': The answer? Include chapters on the North East in books and pass stronger racism laws

Published On:
26 Nov 2017
When will the bullying end? | Express
Protests at Sathyabama University are not a novelty | File Photo

We finally felt free: A Sathybama alum on why they burnt things during the 2006 protest

This is almost deja vu for Sathyabama University as arson and protests rocked the campus in 2006. An insider's account of what went down almost a decade ago

Published On:
24 Nov 2017

Sathyabama violence shouldn't surprise us: Engg students in TN take to arson quite often

In the last two years alone, at least two instances of Engineering students vandalising and attacking colleges and setting fire to property have been reported

Published On:
23 Nov 2017
The tendency to set things on fire stems from a mob mentality that does not stop at just breaking things | Representative picture
The root-seekers generate media stories and file cases against the institutions which rescue and nurture abandoned babies | Representative image

Should you go looking for your biological parents after years apart?

Every adopted child yearns to know where they come from, rediscover roots and such, but is it really practical and does it come with any great gain?

Published On:
22 Nov 2017

Dare to impress: Three tips to make a great first impression

Nicholas Francis is here with few tips that are a must when you meet someone for the first time!

Published On:
21 Nov 2017
Graduates who take the initiative and make things happen are highly respected and valued at their workplace | Representative image
Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati is hitting the headlines way before its premiere. But not for good reasons.

I am a Rajput and I am dying to watch Padmaavat. This is why

In an open letter to the groups protesting against Padmavati, Kritika Shekhawat from Jaipur points out that protest can be carried out by avoidance and dissent, which reflects the true Rajput ethos 

Published On:
11 Nov 2017

Does your wardrobe change colours every season? Here's a walk through the latest trends and who is popularising them

How do you stay updated with the latest fashion trends? Fashion columnist Regina Gurung scrolls through her Instagram feed and if that is not enough, the 'discover' button does the job for her

Published On:
09 Nov 2017
Instagram is a popular site for fashion trends, with likes, shares and reposts becoming #theinthing | Rebel Circus
Not all victims have posted a #MeToo, and that's not without a reason

Why I failed to finish the post of my #MeToo story on Facebook but will fight another day

After the #MeToo wave has lost its numbers, here is an account of why I didn't post my stories. I didn't want my painful abuse story to be lost in a tirade of jeers and generalisation

Published On:
06 Nov 2017

Opinion: Why I love Khichdi but hate the idea of India having a national dish 

Blame it on social media if you will, but why are we arguing about whether khichdi ought to be our national dish when farmers are closer to suicide than their failed fields and empathy is but limited

Published On:
05 Nov 2017
India, however, entered the Guinness World Records with its 918 kg Khichdi dish | PTI
Changing names in the name of marriage has become a big issue and has reached the Supreme Court of India as reported | Representative image

Is marriage an unspoken license to rob an individual of their identity and religion

Denying a woman the right to practise her religion after marriage is violative of Article 25. John B Monteiro talks

Published On:
02 Nov 2017

Not too good at sticking to the clock? Managing your time may be the best way to embrace growth and responsibility

Nicholas Francis tells us how time management is one of life's most important hacks, one that should be used more frequently

Published On:
02 Nov 2017
Study says stress is found among young graduates who are found wanting in certain areas of their academic and professional expectations | Representative image
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam once said, students should remember their teachers in their hearts and not through their photos on the wall

Food for thought: Would you prefer to see your beloved teacher hung in school?

Education departments across the world are insisting on hanging teachers photographs in school, but the question is 'Do teachers really consider it an honour?' John B Monteiro talks

Published On:
27 Oct 2017

Raya's Sexual Harasser List: SC lawyer says naming the abuser is not a problem. Here's why.

Kiruba Munusamy points out that in most instances victims are forced to be silent because they fear being  failed,  denied reference letters or even being forced to quit the college

Published On:
26 Oct 2017
Do anonymous complaints not count?- Representative Image
Laws have been passed in China, making it mandatory for children to periodically visit their old parents and otherwise extend maintenance support

What is the kind of relationship you share with your father (and mother)? Here's is an interesting insight

Is the parent-child relationship as good as it is being taught at schools? John B Monteiro adds some logic and psychological facts to it

Published On:
19 Oct 2017

OPINION: When so many women say Me Too about sexual abuse on FB, the quieter ones will speak up

Chennai-based psychologist Mini Rao's take on the #MeToo campaign and why she thinks it would help millions of women speak up about the smaller and bigger kinds of abuse

Published On:
17 Oct 2017
Check out a few words that have different meanings

#TakeAKnee: Did you know that some of the words that we use today had a different meaning when they originated?

Dr Albert P' Rayan, Professor of English at KCG College of Engineering, looks back into the history of words and phrases

Published On:
10 Oct 2017

Six tips to help you write the PERFECT email when you're going from college to a workplace. Check them out

Nicholas Francis, a motivational author and a Human Resource mentor-based in Madurai shares a few tips for students about the Do's and Don't of writing a professional email

Published On:
09 Oct 2017
Nicholas Francis serves as a member on the Board of Studies of Social Work in many colleges and contributes to the professional training and development of various institutions
Oxford University students are demanding scrapping of the elitist gown worn by undergraduate students with scholarships, stating that the garments make others feel inferior

From Sikh turbans to Muslims with beards: Why school uniforms may never be the same again in the next century 

From Oxford to India's smallest town school is the usage of uniforms becoming more of a social issue rather than a way to ensure everyone feels equal? That is the question

Published On:
09 Oct 2017

OPINION: The 'like-my-daughter' reasoning is stale. Here's why safety and freedom go hand in hand for women in the BHU campus

AIPWA secretary Kavita Krishnan believes that the BHU example shows, the more protectionist the campus, the more willing it is to protect sexual harassers and silence complainants. Do you agree?

Published On:
02 Oct 2017
“Parents wish it so” is the stock answer of all administrators to justify discriminatory hostel curfews, dress codes, and other restrictions on women students. But does it make sense?
It's Bhagat Singh's 110th birth anniversary and he is still our favorite hero

Why Bhagat Singh's nephew believes that socialism, not Ram Raj is still the answer to India's questions, on his birth anniversary 

Beyond the khakhi and the cap, the man whom many still call 'comrade' affectionately, had insights into what India needed to do to stay ahead, 7 decades ago. Still makes sense now, says his nephew

Published On:
28 Sep 2017

This 25-year-old from Manipal University is making 'Yakshagana' cool again so that it doesn't become a thing of the past

With the hope of reviving this slowly-dying art form, Abhinav Grover appeals to actors to give Yakshagana a try to hone their craft  

Published On:
26 Sep 2017
Yakshagana, a traditional theater form that combines dance, music and dialogue, will soon be an art of the past
Ashley Tellis is a gay right activist and also academician on Institutional discrimination against sexual minorities

OPINION: Do adivasi, Dalit and gay rights exist only in seminars?

Ashley Tellis talks about violence of the neoliberal Indian University for whom the woman, the Dalit or the gay or the adivasi is no more than seminar topics

Published On:
25 Sep 2017

What Teachers' Day means to you when your great-uncle is Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

From wondering why he read under the streelights to becoming a part of his legacy, Dr S Radhakrishnan's descendant recalls how her continuing tryst with him developed over time

Published On:
06 Sep 2017
The first vice-president of India Sarvepall Radhakrishnan was one of the most distinguished twentieth-century scholars