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Jaahnavi Kandula: Officer Auderer talks about alleged insensitive comments in viral video

The accused cop also gave his testament and tried proving that he was not guilty as a part of the conversation is unheard yet

Published on 16th September 2023

Viral video of students getting married on Odisha college campus invites criticism

The two minor students from an Odisha college allegedly married in front of their friends as per Odia rituals

Published on 15th September 2023

Bihar school girls viral video: School took more admissions than it seating capacity, says official

"We have been facing plenty of problems in the school. Nobody is ready to listen to our complaint," some of the protesting girls could be heard in a video that went viral on social media

Published on 13th September 2023

“Eating meat causes landslides,” IIT Mandi director allegedly says in viral video; students, netizens react   

The video and the director’s comments have been slammed for their irrationality. Students of IIT Mandi allege that such comments are common from the director

Published on 7th September 2023

Viral fever leads to hospitalisation of 26 students from Telangana residential college 

Viral fever is in the air and many individuals have been coming down with the fever in the past few weeks

Published on 2nd September 2023

Muzaffarnagar boy slapped incident: Student moves to new school 

The school was closed on Monday, August 28, for the third day 

Published on 29th August 2023

NMC's UGMEB president asks students not to opt for foreign medical institutes? Causes stir online

In a video circulating on social media, Vanikar is speaking at the NMO Teacher's Meet, New Delhi organised by the National Medicos Organisation and NMC

Published on 26th August 2023

Muzaffarnagar slapping incident: Boy sent to counselling; Principal says video morphed

The accused principal of the school said that the video has been edited and morphed to incite particular sects of people

Published on 26th August 2023
Muzaffarnagar Viral video

Muzaffarnagar boy slapping incident: JNU, HCU students call for protests

The video has caught the attention of student unions, many of whom, have condemned the “hate politics” in the country

Published on 26th August 2023
Muzaffarnagar Viral video

Muzaffarnagar boy slapping incident: SFI calls for week-long campaign against hate politics 

The campaign, which starts on Monday, August 28 will conclude on Teachers’ Day on Tuesday, September 5

Published on 26th August 2023

Tamil Nadu: 33 school students affected after viral allergic outbreak

The students complained of an itch on their hands but the situation worsened when it turned into a swelling

Published on 25th August 2023

Assam: Video of college principal drinking on campus goes viral; students protest

The students claimed that the principal's actions violated the purity of the learning environment

Published on 19th August 2023

Maharajas College row: Professor abstains from filing police complaint against students 

In the viral video, a few students from the college can be seen making fun of the professor

Published on 18th August 2023

Committee investigates Maharaja College viral video incident insulting visually-impaired prof

There is widespread demand from various quarters calling for strict action against the involved students

Published on 17th August 2023

COVID decreased children's immunity to viral diseases, say doctors 

Dr Lakshmipathy explained that most inpatient cases are severe and children with viral pneumonia need oxygen support

Published on 16th August 2023

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