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#WhatTheFAQ: Why is NEET PG 2023 trending on Twitter again?

As the date for NEET PG 2023 nears, students continue to make demands for the postponement of the exam on Twitter

Published on 3rd February 2023

#JusticeForStudents: Postpone NEET PG, extra attempt in JEE, UPSC and more. Why is this hashtag trending?

Several students and student-led associations launched a virtual protest on January 22 to call attention to various student-related issues

Published on 23rd January 2023

#WhatTheFAQ: #GetOutRavi is trending on social media. Here's why Tamil Nadu's Governor walked out of assembly

Governor of Tamil Nadu RN Ravi walked out of the State Assembly in a huff on Monday, January 9. And the Twitter storm started with #GetOutRavi

Published on 10th January 2023

#WhatTheFAQ: Why are Boxing Day games trending? What is their significance?

The Boxing Day games are a significant part of post-Christmas celebrations. The matches will continue well into January 2023

Published on 28th December 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: David Warner is trending for lashing out against his leadership ban. What's it all about?

David Warner lashed out at Cricket Australia on Monday, November 21, expressing his frustration over the governing body's decision to change its code of conduct

Published on 22nd November 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: Twitter locks office doors, badge access for employees suspended. Now, #RIPTwitter is trending, here's why

As of now, the office is shut and will be reopened on November 21. Additionally, no employees have been deactivated including those who resigned

Published on 18th November 2022

This teen band's song, Afterglow, may sound like a love song but is actually about climate change

Varun Anand and his team have released their new song which reached 35,000 views in three days on youtube



Published on 14th November 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: #WhatsApp outage happened on October 25. So why is it still trending?

The outage or server downtime, which started post-12 noon, was reportedly resolved after 2 pm. As the social platform was not functional, users took to Twitter to express their outrage 

Published on 26th October 2022

#JEEMainsThirdAttemptForAll is trending again! Here's why

This year, the JEE Main exam was held in two sessions: Session I in June and Session II in July. It may be noted that the exam was held in four sessions in 2021

Published on 12th August 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: Why is #JEEMains2022 trending on Twitter again with more than 60K tweets?   

JEE Session I was conducted from June 24 to 30 and Session II from July 25 to 30. The NTA announced the results on August 8


Published on 9th August 2022

WhatTheFAQ: Why are hashtags #JEEStudentsWantsJustice, #NEETUG2022, #CUET and #UPSC trending?

Exams and Mismanagement? Why are students using these words together to describe their plight when it comes to appearing for various competitive exams in India? 

Published on 16th July 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: Why is the hashtag #Swedengate trending and why are netizens turning on Swedes?

Recently, there have been many social media posts with the hashtag #Swedengate. A custom in Sweden is being ridiculed, and the issue has spread like wildfire. Here's what it's all about

Published on 1st June 2022

What the FAQ: Why are we talking about actor Will Smith again after the 2022 Oscars night?

Will Smith has accepted a punishment and the news is everywhere! This comes as a result of his actions on the night he won the Oscar for Best Actor. Let us delve into the drama of what took place

Published on 9th April 2022

What The FAQ: Why are hashtags like #BirbhumMassacre and #BengalBurning trending on Twitter?

TMC has dismissed the allegations that suggested the party's role in the violence. TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh claimed that the incident was a result of a local conflict

Published on 23rd March 2022

Why are the hashtags #UPSCExtraAttempt and  #ExtraAttemptForAll still trending on Twitter? 

There are some public figures who are lending their voice to the cause on the micro-blogging website. Here's more about it


Published on 8th January 2022

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