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"Want him to crack exam, don't want to lose him": Parents shift to Kota with students to ease stress

Packed schedule, cut-throat competition, constant pressure to do better, the burden of parents' expectations and homesickness, are among the common struggles of the students

Published on 31st August 2023

Karnataka CET: Seat allotment list after 8 pm, close deadlines, bank holidays stresses students out

Higher Education Minister MC Sudhakar said he is not aware of the situation and will speak to the officials concerned

Published on 9th September 2023

Exam result anxiety and its detrimental effect on students 

Exam results anxiety can have a significant impact on students' lives

Published on 5th September 2023

Coach Calling: How to survive in high-power environments with grace?

We are each unique in our own way. This also means that we each respond to stressful situations differently

Published on 2nd September 2023

Nagpur: Engineering student died by suicide due to low marks in exam

The 25-year-old reportedly was disappointed after scoring low marks in exam and was under extreme stress

Published on 24th August 2023

Factors that lead to an increase in stress levels among Indian students

Mental health problems are often seen as a sign of weakness or failure in India

Published on 23rd August 2023

Suicide rate among Indian students: Is it on the rise? What do studies say? 

These studies suggest that Indian students may be more stressed than students from other countries

Published on 23rd August 2023

Students, don't stress out, take stress out: Mental health insights, here

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people in India. Mental stress is a major factor in suicide among young people

Published on 10th August 2023

IIT Hyderabad: First-year MTech student ends life due to mental stress

Circle Inspector Sudhir Kumar said a detailed investigation will be conducted over the girl’s suicide

Published on 9th August 2023

NExT exam schedule looks tiring, hectic and stressful, opine MBBS, FMG students

MBBS students and FMG students express their concerns and state clear their apprehensions

Published on 29th June 2023
Sri Chaitanya Interview

'Coaching is essential for any competitive exam': Sri Chaitanya Academic Director Sushma Bopanna

EdexLive spoke to the CEO of leading coaching institution for JEE and NEET preparations about a multitude of topics including coaching culture, student suicides, mental health, the future of NEET UG

Published on 19th June 2023
TN CM MK Stalin opposes NExT

NExT: TN opposes exam; calls it additional burden on medical student

MK Stalin, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, has also written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi listing his concerns related to the examination

Published on 13th June 2023
Mental health tips to tackle exam anxiety

CUET 2023: Tips to tackle exam stress as per mental health experts

The season of entrance exams brings anxiety and stress to the student community. But if you are feeling the pre-jitters, these tips might help.

Published on 20th May 2023

Three months after Darshan Solanki's suicide, IIT Bombay takes steps to reduce stress on first-year students

It was on February 12 that Darshan Solanki, hailing from Ahmedabad, jumped off the hostel building which was on the campus of IIT Bombay

Published on 13th May 2023

Study shows background music reduce stress, improves performance of dental students

The study conducted showed that music invertably had positive results on the preclinical dental students while they were on practice

Published on 12th May 2023

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