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How much Netflix and Instagram is good for your child? This initiative is what every parent needs

Youth Online Learning Organisation's Digital Parenting initiative trains parents about how they can regulate and keep an eye on their kids' online activity

Published on 2nd March 2021

Researchers explain the reason why parents fret when kids stay at their grandparents' house

According to researchers, for some, clashes over parenting choices and enforcing parents' rules can cause major strife between a child's parents and grandparents

Published on 17th August 2020

Study reveals that urban and rural infants showcase emotions differently

The study examined the differences in infant temperament, parent-child interactions and parenting stress between families of similar socioeconomic and racial composition

Published on 22nd March 2020

Attention single moms! The Village in Kochi that will help raise your child

The Village held their first session on December 7 at French Toast, Kacheripady in Kochi. They hope to extend a helping hand to single parents in their times of need

Published on 14th December 2019

Welcome to reason: Should we broadcast our children’s foibles?

When a child cries, parents are biologically programmed to spring into action — blood pressure increases, for example, even if it’s not your kid. This perspective may strike you as melodramatic

Published on 21st September 2019

Why every parent should read Kamala Mukunda's book 'What Did You Ask At School Today?'

Author Kamala Mukunda pens down her experience as a teacher and parent in her new book, 'What Did You Ask At School Today?'

Published on 27th July 2019

Children mocked by parents at higher risk of bullying and victimisation, says a new study

It was found that derisive parenting fosters dysregulated anger in adolescent children. Increases in dysregulated anger, in turn, place adolescents at greater risk for bullying

Published on 10th July 2019

Are we into hyper-parenting? Explaining the terms tiger parenting, snowplow parenting and more

The right type of parenting is critical for the healthy physical, mental and emotional growth of children

Published on 6th April 2019

The Game Changers of Parenting report gives us an insight into parents and their ways

Mindshare and DigiFaces got together to analyse the changing trends in parenting and we talk to them for more insights

Published on 14th July 2018
Paternity Leave

The 'Super Dad' campaign is here to give fathers the opportunity to spend quality time with their new-born kids

The campaign by UNICEF is trying to push governments across the world, including India, to build national policies for adequate paid paternity leaves

Published on 14th June 2018

Daddy's Digest: This site helps young dads to MAN up and figure parenting out

Founded by two men, Daddy's Digest is a platform for men to read, write, take videos and speak up about the struggles they go through on a daily basis

Published on 29th May 2018

Poor sleep makes parents lenient towards kids, finds study

The study, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, focused on the effect of maternal sleep on parenting of adolescents

Published on 22nd May 2018

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