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Filmmakers Aparna Sen, Geethu Mohandas on whether women directors have finally arrived on the scene

Is cinema really a women's world? 2 of the 35 female filmmakers in IFFK 2017 talks to us about the fest and if they feel that the industry has finally become conducive for women

Published on 14th December 2017

Why Milan Siraj's short film Kambam, which is setting the college festival circuit alight, will make you never book a seedy room for a romantic getaway

Milan Siraj talks about his debut short film Kambam, which discusses rape, sex tapes and the power of extortion in a modern Indian setting riddled with age-old societal constructs

Published on 17th April 2017

Vidhu Vincent's Manhole wins the Kerala Film Award for the Best Film and Best Director: Here's why it digs up the dirt on Kerala's manual scavenging problem

Vidhu Vincent's Manhole has won a lot of critical acclaim and it has opened up a lot of debate on how manual scavenging is still a stinking problem in God's Own Country

Published on 23rd February 2017

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