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"Progress" made over "early return" of students stuck in India due to COVID visa ban, says China

China is currently processing the list of hundreds of Indian students wanting to return to the country to re-join their colleges

Published on 21st July 2022

NMC's affidavit to SC outlines a one-time measure for Indian students back from China/Ukraine. But does it address all issues?

For those who have completed their undergraduate studies and have the certificate of completion, they will be permitted to appear for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE)

Published on 19th July 2022

Indian medical students from Chinese universities are still awaiting their visas

Mental health issues have emerged among students who worry about not being able to repay student loans until they complete their study programme

Published on 16th June 2022

Indian students express hope as China will allow "some" medicos to come back to Chinese varsisties 

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Chinese government in order to prevent the spread of the virus, Indian students could not return to China

Published on 30th April 2022

Indians registered at Chinese med schools continue to seek support from NMC, gather at Jantar Mantar 

The returnees are yet to receive approval from Chinese government and have been stuck in India since the beginning of the pandemic two years ago

Published on 29th April 2022

China ready to welcome Sri Lankan students back to colleges, yet to make a decision about India

There are over 23,000 Indian students studying under Chinese institutions, mostly pursuing Medicine, who have had no access to labs for two years

Published on 22nd April 2022

Hope China will be non-discriminatory: External Affairs Minister after discussing return of Indian students to China with Chinese authorities

China had restricted travel by suspending visa and residence permits from March 27, 2020, in view of the pandemic. About 20,000 Indian students were enrolled in Chinese universities at the time

Published on 26th March 2022

UGC warns Indian students against enrolling in Chinese unis. Says online degrees will not be recognised

China has not allowed Indian students to return to the country and finish their studies since the pandemic. The fresh courses being offered will also be conducted online as of now

Published on 25th March 2022

India has taken up issue of return of Indian students to China with officials there: Govt

The minister said that the MEA had taken up the matter with the NMC and Health Ministry to explore options to address the concerns of the affected students

Published on 25th March 2022

The plight of Indian MBBS students enrolled in Chinese universities who are now stuck here 

The last two years have been tough for students who travelled abroad to pursue MBBS. With the arrival of the pandemic, those enrolled in colleges in China, the Philippines and Russia had to come back

Published on 21st March 2022

MEA asks Beijing to adopt 'congenial stance' when it comes to Indian students studying in Chinese varsities

MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said there is no information on whether Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi will be visiting India later this month   

Published on 18th March 2022

What The FAQ: Is Jurassic Park finally happening? Scientists find perfectly preserved dinosaur egg

If this harks memories of the chilling scenes from the 1993 Steven Spielberg-directed blockbuster, you're probably not alone

Published on 23rd December 2021

What happened on October 15: Kalam was born, China launched its first human space flight mission and Najeeb Ahmed went missing

Nobody would have imagined that the little boy of Rameswaram would play a key role in working for India's first Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV)

Published on 15th October 2021

China rejects use of English language in educational institutions in campaign against Western influence

English is almost synonymous with China's reform and opening-up policies, which transformed an impoverished and hermetic nation into the world's second-biggest economy

Published on 12th September 2021

What The FAQ: What is Rice From Heaven and can we actually eat it?

In today's FAQ section, we explain what the 'Rice From Heaven' is all about. You will also find out if you can eat it. Read on

Published on 15th July 2021

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