This is what the Indian Embassy says
This is what the Indian Embassy says (Pic: EdexLive Desk)

Bishkek violence: Situation now normal, Indian embassy continues to be ready to assist students, says MEA

At the moment, about 17,000 Indian students are in the country spread across many cities but most of them are in Bishkek

The situation in Bishkek is normal and the Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan remains ready to assist students in every manner, Ministry of External Affairs official spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said on Thursday, May 30.

While addressing a media briefing, Jaiswal informed that direct flights between Bishkek and Delhi can be availed by students who wish to return to India after their exams in Kyrgyzstan, stated a report by ANI.

Asked about the situation in Bishkek, he said, "The situation in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek is normal. Some two weeks back or so, there were some incidents involving foreign students, not Indians. Because of that, Indian students got worked up. They were really concerned. Our embassy swung into action. We established helplines to assist the students."

The Indian embassy has also opened helplines to ensure the safety and welfare of students.

"We also took up the matter with local authorities as also the university administration, so that the welfare and well being and safety of our students are taken care of. I would like to let you know that this is exam time for our students and after the exams get over, there will be summer vacation in which many of them will come back. There are direct flights between Bishkek and Delhi twice a week and there is direct flight also via Almaty on a daily basis which can be availed of. And our embassy remains ready to assist our students in whatever manner that the request comes from," he added.

In Bishkek, violent clashes had broken out among student groups, with reports indicating the use of batons by attackers on May 18. International students had been wounded after attackers forcibly entered hostel rooms.

Every year, a large number of Indian students join medical and other universities in Kyrgyzstan for further studies. At the moment, about 17,000 Indian students are in the country spread across many cities but most of them are in Bishkek, according to Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan press release.

Following the situation, the Embassy also shared an update that it has been working actively with the universities and senior government functionaries to address the concerns of the Indian students.

Two helplines 0555710041 and 0555005538 have been functional 24x7 where students can continue to reach out to the Embassy for all kinds of assistance.

Students and their families were urged not to pay attention to rumours being spread by some mischievous elements. However, the Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan said that the situation in Bishkek has returned to normal.

India's Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan visited the Jalal-Abad State University on May 18 and the International Higher School of Medicine in Bishkek today and interacted with the Indian students there, stated the ANI copy.

Embassy officials had also visited the International Medical University and the Eurasian Medical University and the Royal Metropolitan University and the Avicenna University to continue this interaction with the students and to address their concerns.