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UGC directs institutes to set up Selfie Points to instill National pride in youngsters

The Selfie Points will be set up in strategic locations in various colleges and universities to help students learn about their Nation's transformation

Published on 2nd December 2023

Yuva Sangam - IIT Hyderabad, BHU: 42 Telangana youngsters to explore Uttar Pradesh

During the visit hosted by BHU, the Telangana team will visit various iconic places in Varanasi and around and interact with different stakeholders

Published on 27th November 2023

Selfie-related deaths among youngsters: The pursuit of social media validation 

Social media platforms have a role to play in promoting responsible content creation, and discouraging dangerous behaviour

Published on 27th November 2023

In Mumbai, a girl was raped by two men after spiking her drink; Here's how to spot if a drink is spiked

After chatting with the accused and his friend, the victim was offered a spiked soft drink, rendering her unconscious

Published on 21st November 2023

Youngsters relished the green tour of IIT Hyderabad by GRIHA Council

GRIHA Council is an independent society established to address the issues related to sustainable habitats in the Indian subcontinent

Published on 20th November 2023

NSDC, Mondelez India to empower 660 youngsters across six unique job roles

The programme will be tailored to the local context and aligned with the needs of the youth in the identified locations of Bhind and Pune

Published on 9th November 2023

This is what Narayana Murthy really meant when he said youngsters should work 70 hours...

"Our culture has to change...and that transformation has to come to youngsters because they form a significant majority of our population...they are the ones who can build our country, with gusto"

Published on 28th October 2023

Narayana Murthy says youngsters should work 70 hours a week; majority disagree

"I think he should first be ready to pay youngsters who are already working for more then 70 hours a week," said a user of X

Published on 26th October 2023

"It's not safe back home": Dismayed Manipur students stay away from home to stay safe 

More than 180 people have been killed and several hundred injured since ethnic violence broke out in Manipur on May 3

Published on 24th October 2023

World Sigh Day: Youngsters, beat dry eyes and strain using these tips. Also, reduce your screen time!

The rise of eye issues among children is alarming, close to 35 per cent, which Dr Shetty attributes to increasing screen time

Published on 13th October 2023

Manipur violence: Bengalureans come forward to help young victims with essentials, education 

Many have offered clothing, food, shelter, stationery and so on, and people are volunteering to help them

Published on 12th October 2023

Mental Health Matters: Why is therapy so expensive? What do youngsters think?

With various platforms and counsellors/psychotherapists offering offline and online therapy, clients now have a wide range of options

Published on 12th October 2023

World Mental Health Day: More youngsters between ages of 21 to 30 seek help for mental health issues

These figures came from Bengaluru-based fintech firm Plum, which says that 73 per cent of the consultation bookings were made by people of this age group


Published on 10th October 2023

Social media and the toll it takes on mental health of youth 

People use social media to increase their social networks, overcome loneliness and foster a feeling of belonging

Published on 7th October 2023

Gandhi Jayanti special: Khadi India outlet inaugurated at IIT Delhi to promote Khadi among youngsters

Manoj Kumar, Chairman, KVIC launched the outlet in the IIT Delhi shopping complex. Kumar said that Prime Minister Modi had emphasised the role of khadi in his address at the G20 University Connect Fin

Published on 2nd October 2023

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