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"Christopher Nolan is going to make his next movie on NEXT only!": Reactions to Health Minister's video

A video of the Health Ministry Mansukh L Mandaviya speaking about the NExT exam at AIIMS Raebareli on July 26 has been going viral

Published on 27th July 2023

Makers to hold special screening of The Kerala Story makers in FTII

The announcement was made on May 20; director Vipul Shah released a statement on the same

Published on 20th May 2023

BBC documentary: Calcutta University's SFI unit screens movie on laptop outside college

Members of the SFI mounted a laptop on a wooden platform in front of the main gate of the university and around 50 people watched the first part of the two-part documentary 

Published on 4th February 2023

BBC documentary screening: Jadavpur University screens the movie peacefully

More than 200 students attended the screening and was conducted without any resistance or disturbance, said a SFI member

Published on 27th January 2023

#WhatTheFAQ: Now that the MCU's Black Panther 2 has released, what's the future of Wakanda now? 

Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is an action-packed tribute to Chadwick Boseman. Is there going to be a part three?

Published on 12th November 2022

Students in Kollam government school enjoy movie time, watch Charlie Chaplin movie in class

A silent movie by Charlie Chaplin screened in the primary school was enjoyed by the students. The teachers say that movies help build character

Published on 2nd November 2022

Hyderabad: St Francis' first-ever film club has grand plans to help students dive deep into the world of cinema

“I want everyone to see the symbolism, that will help them widen their horizons and give recognition to underrated movies,” says Vidhi Shah, Club President

Published on 10th October 2022

Telangana: Over 22.50 lakh students watched Gandhi movie as a part of 75th anniversary of India's Independence

Officials from states, including Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan enquired with Telangana officials on how the film is being screened on such a large scale

Published on 20th August 2022

Gov't of Telangana organises free screening of the movie Gandhi at multiple theatres for school students

It is indeed one of a kind initiative as a huge number of students are watching the film and are getting inspired

Published on 11th August 2022

What happened on February 7: Disney's Pinocchio premieres and the state of Mississippi finally outlaws slavery

The 1940 animated film adaptation of the novel is also one of its best-loved. Pinocchio is a lesson in life. Also, the creator of a whole loved of beloved characters was born today

Published on 7th February 2022

WhatTheFAQ: Why the upcoming Snow White movie is knee-deep in controversy

Disney was quick to respond to the Game of Thrones actor and said that they are taking a different approach

Published on 27th January 2022

What happened on November 27: When Appu reminded us of the Power of Youth and that time when donkeys served jail time in UP

Appu, the actor who left us too soon, and his song Power Of Youth should be playing on loop today! Also, a bizarre arrest that will leave you flabbergasted

Published on 27th November 2021

So long, Appu: Five lessons that we can all learn from Puneeth Rajkumar's life

A month after he passed on, The Coach gives us a glimpse into the human being that we all witnessed on the big screen. He recalls how Puneeth Rajkumar was a compassionate and a humble person

Published on 25th November 2021

What happened on November 18: The tiger became our national animal, Mickey Mouse found his voice and Titanic's heart went on

These events in India and around the world on November 18 will definitely make you feel nostalgic and remind you of your childhood days 

Published on 18th November 2021

What happened on November 16: Harry Potter hit the big screens, UNESCO was born and Pakistan elected its first woman PM 

November 16 has seen the birth of many iconic moments in world history. Check out a few of them right now   

Published on 16th November 2021

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