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Education budget in India: What is being done, what can be done 

While the percentage has been increasing, the total budget allocated to education has remained relatively constant

Published on 22nd August 2023

India's expenditure on education: How does it look like?

This is essential for improving the quality of education and for creating a skilled workforce that can drive economic growth

Published on 8th August 2023

Karnataka budget 2023: Many long-standing demands of education sector met

In order to address learning deficiencies in the state, Rs 80 crore has been allotted for the implementation of the Kalika Balavardhane programme

Published on 8th July 2023
Smriti Irani

Minister Smriti Irani asks for report on childcare homes

Infrastructure and financial support will be provided to the states and union territories to facilitate the setting up of CWCs in every district

Published on 6th July 2023

Karnataka: Budget constraints reason behind reducing number of eggs in midday meal

In the meantime, sources from the department also stated that there is a proposal being made to the government to increase the amount of eggs distributed to students

Published on 22nd June 2023
Why is there a delay in fund release at Maharani’s Arts College For Women, Mysuru, Karnataka?

Maharani's Arts College, Mysuru: 24 classrooms, 2,657 students & endless wait for funds

For some reason or the other, the construction of more classrooms is being delayed at the Maharani’s Arts College For Women in Mysuru, Karnataka 

Published on 10th June 2023

Delhi gov't released Rs 100 crore for 12 DU colleges as part of budget

It was during a press conference that Education Minister of Government of Delhi, Atishi, informed about this

Published on 13th April 2023

Economic Survey 2022-23: Delhi is highest among states with 20.5% budget allocation for education

The government schools recorded a pass percentage of 98 per cent in class XII and 97 per cent in class X during the academic session 2021-22: Survey

Published on 20th March 2023

TN budget: Rs 500 cr for CM's breakfast scheme for government school students

According to the finance minister, the budget allocated for the school education department is Rs 40,299 crore and an amount of Rs 6,967 crore for the Higher education department

Published on 20th March 2023

Assam gov't unveils Rs 935 crore deficit budget to address unemployment among youth

Ajanta Neog, state Finance Minister, pledged financial support for 2 lakh unemployed youths in this year's budget

Published on 16th March 2023

Madurai's Agro Food Chamber demands inclusion of agriculture in school, college curriculum

The state government budget 2023-2024 will be tabled in the assembly on March 20. Ahead of that, the Agro Food Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated their expectations

Published on 10th March 2023

Union Budget 2023-24: Indian Institute of Millets Research, Hyderabad to be supported as centre of excellence

The minister listed out various millets such as Jowar, Ragi, Ramdana, Cheena, Sama, Bajra, Kutu, Kangni and so on, and stated that they have various health benefits

Published on 1st February 2023

Odisha state budget 2023-24: Education, skill development sector receives 10% increase

This time, the focus of the state budget is on scholarship aid for students, institutional infrastructure development and skill training

Published on 25th February 2023

Union Budget 2023-24: Breakthrough Science Society calls allocation to education sector "meagre"

BSS stated that a majority of the allocation would be poured into facilitating online education rather than improving infrastructure in gov't schools

Published on 3rd February 2023

Karnataka gov't education budget result of student-led movement, says AIDSO district secretary  

AIDSO is welcoming these announcements and believes that it is a victory for the students' movement, although most demands are not met 

Published on 18th February 2023

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