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#WhatTheFAQ: Why are users deleting TikTok app today, March 3? What is core-core?

The owner of the app, ByteDance, said it is introducing the 60-minute time-limit feature to help people "stay in control" of their use

Published on 3rd March 2023

Why are IIT Bombay students upset with security measures on campus? Is it violating their privacy?

Starting with making biometric attendance mandatory a few months earlier, IIT Bombay has now started installing CCTVs in hostel corridors

Published on 7th February 2023

Privacy vs Safety: High Court Weighs in on CCTV camera controversy in Delhi government schools

The court deemed two petitions opposing the installation of cameras over privacy concerns as "premature" and said it will address the matter once the SOP is established

Published on 13th January 2023

#WhatTheFAQ: Alexa, are you snooping on me? Why are experts advising against having Alexa devices in bedrooms?

Why are experts flagging privacy concerns for voice devices like Alexa? Why should we keep such devices away from intimate places like bedrooms? 

Published on 3rd January 2023

CCTV in classrooms ensures safety, right to privacy not violated: Delhi gov't to HC

The Delhi government said the decision to install CCTVs came in the aftermath of child abuse reports on school premises

Published on 2nd December 2022

Data breach at Kannur University: Better cybersecurity mechanisms needed in all educational institutions, say experts

There has been a 20 per cent increase of cyber threats in the global education sector in the first three months of 2022, compared to the corresponding period of 2021

Published on 26th November 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: What does the Draft Telecommunications Bill mean for internet freedom in India?

As per the government website, the public still has seven days to send its feedback on the Bill, which critics say gives widespread powers to the Central Government and undermines user privacy

Published on 3rd November 2022

Denial of hijab is an attack on dignity, privacy and right to education of girl students: Justice Dhulia

In the split verdict on the matter, Justice Dhulia said that whether the hijab is an Essential Religious Practice is not relevant to the decision of allowing girl students to wear it in a classroom

Published on 13th October 2022

Karnataka hijab ban: We are not interpreters of Quran, says Supreme Court 

The state government's order of February 5, 2022 by which it had banned wearing clothes that disturb equality, integrity and public order in schools and colleges, was referred in the apex court

Published on 16th September 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: After four years of work, why was Personal Data Protection Bill withdrawn?

The Bill that alarmed tech companies and privacy experts has now been withdrawn by the government after going through multiple changes and facing criticism. Why was the bill so controversial?

Published on 4th August 2022

Now, only mother's Aadhaar registration mandatory for Anganwadi scheme. But activists fear this still doesn't help

Food rights activists say when it comes to linking Aadhaar with such schemes, there are multiple issues such as privacy and exclusion concerns 

Published on 3rd August 2022

CCTV cameras proposed for Delhi schools again? Parents say it violates right to privacy 

The Aam Aadmi Party in 2019 stated that they would install CCTV cameras in all government schools and provide live feed of the classrooms to the parents 

Published on 7th July 2022

What happened on January 18: When Wikipedia blacked out for 24 hours and where Yahoo got its name from

Here's how some of the most important members of the internet protested against two bills that seemed like they would infringe upon freedom of speech

Published on 18th January 2022

#ThrowbackToday: When Right to Privacy was declared a fundamental right

In today's #TBT, we recall the day when the Supreme Court declared that, indeed, the Right to Privacy is a fundamental right under Indian Constitution. Read more about the landmark judgement here

Published on 24th August 2021

Facebook allegedly threatens researchers to shut down study on Instagram algorithms: Report

Launched in March 2020, AlgorithmWatch published findings that showed the algorithm encouraged photos that showed bare skin and that photos showing faces are ranked higher than screenshots of text

Published on 14th August 2021

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