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ICFAI Business Studies Aptitude Test (IBSAT): Cracking the exam and essential info

Dedicate a significant amount of time each day or week for exam preparation. Set specific goals for what you want to achieve in each study session

Published on 28th October 2023

"Learn constantly, take risks": UGC Chief Jagadesh Kumar at ICFAI's 13th convocation

The UGC chief said that the Higher Education Institutions need to invest in academic and research excellence

Published on 16th September 2023

Telangana HC advises ICFAI Law School to lift suspension on students punished for ragging 

Petitions submitted by the suspended students from ICFAI Law School in Shankarpally requested that they be allowed to attempt the internal exams

Published on 3rd February 2023

Menace of rising ragging cases on Indian campuses: Are UGC's anti-ragging committees doing the job?

When EdexLive reached out to colleges where ragging cases came to the fore recently, it came to light that anti-ragging committees in these institutions were not fully active

Published on 15th November 2022

ICFAI law student assault case: VHP warns of statewide protests if justice is not served

A video of the assault has gone viral on social media, which shows the law student being slapped and kicked by senior boys

Published on 14th November 2022

Hyderabad: BBA-LLB student ragged by seniors; police lodge complaint

After videos of violence were circulated on social media platforms, police lodged a complaint against 10 to 11 students. The victim was kicked, beaten and harassed, as seen in viral videos

Published on 12th November 2022

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