E-canteen Fundas: Make big decisions in the morning. Here's how it helps!

Pro Tip: Decision-making is tiring and a tired mind can lead to poor decisions. Conserve energy by reducing options, making a not-to-do list and making important decisions while fresh
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

'Bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘Rinku and I went shopping at the mall. There were so many shops that I couldn’t decide. I returned dazed and empty-handed.’
‘I bought some stuff, bhaiyya,’ said Rinku. ‘But I’m not happy. I’m not sure if I bought the right stuff. I thought I’d be happier with more choices. But no.’
‘Ha,’ laughed Rakesh. ‘You’ve suffered from decision paralysis, Rahul. And Rinku, you experienced the paradox of choice. You see, we have a limited amount of energy when it comes to decision-making. Choosing from large selections overwhelms us and we cannot decide. I’ve read about a study in which customers were asked to choose from a selection of six varieties of jelly and a selection of twenty-four varieties of jelly. Guess what? Customers bought ten times more jelly from the six-variety selection than the twenty-four-variety one. And even if we buy from large selections, as Rinku did, with so much choice available, we may never be fully satisfied with our decisions.’
‘How do we decide then, bhaiyya?’ said Rinku. ‘I feel overwhelmed with choices — travel, career and even relationships.’
‘Reduce your options to a manageable list beforehand,’ said Rakesh. ‘Think carefully about what you want, write down your desired criteria and stick to it. Also, make a ‘Not-to-do list’ so that you can focus your energy on what you want. More importantly, do it without stressing about getting it right every time.’
‘These tips should definitely help, bhaiyya. I’ll start using them.’
‘What else do we need to make better decisions?’ asked Rahul.
‘Watch out for decision fatigue,’ said Rakesh. ‘It’s proven that as the day goes by or even after making a few decisions, decision fatigue sets in, leading to poor quality decisions. So when it comes to important decisions, ensure a clear, uncluttered and fresh mind. Earlier in the day the better. Another way to clear your mind is by using minimum energy by having set routines about smaller decisions like what to eat, wear — for example, only white shirts or blue shirts and so on. Establishing routines with smaller decisions saves energy for bigger decisions.’
‘But bhaiyya,’ asked Rahul. ‘What if we cannot avoid making decisions under stress?’
‘In such circumstances, step back,’ said Rakesh. ‘Take a few deep breaths. Observe your breathing for a few minutes. Being aware of your breath makes you present and aware. It aids clarity. When you feel relaxed and grounded, you’re in a better state.’
Pro Tip: Decision-making is tiring and a tired mind can lead to poor decisions. Conserve energy by reducing options, making a not-to-do list, and making important decisions while fresh.  

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