Rehabilitation Council of India's regulations for BSc Clinical Psychology course: Expert breaks it down

As per the Council's notice, the new programme is aimed at meeting the time's need for meeting the looming crisis of mental health, but experts ask if it is truly justifiable. Read more to find out.
New set of regulations by the RCI
New set of regulations by the RCI(Source: EdexLive Desk)

The apex government body which regulates the services offered by professionals to persons with disabilities, monitors syllabi of such courses and so on, released a set of regulations for BSc Clinical Psychology (Honours).

"Increasing mental health institutes and specialists workforce, though has met the needs of those with acute and severe mental illness (4.5% of the total mental morbidity), the available trained professionals are insufficient to meet the high demands of mental health care of minor illnesses which account for 83% of the total mental morbidity that tend to last chronically and sometimes whole life with a significant disability and dysfunctions", the notice informs, stating the reason behind the regulations. 

Social media platform X user awkwardgoat3, with the username (@DivijaBhasin), points out certain lapses regarding the decision taken by the council. Divija Bhasin is a counseling psychologist and has her own website to meet render help to people.

Here are a few points from the notice she states are problematic:

1) Only students who have pursued Science in their Class XII or an equivalent degree can pursue this course now. According to her, one needs to be aware of factors like socio-economic and political history too

2) Placing the number of maximum seats at 30 per institute might not provide the solution to the problem of dearth of certified psychologists in the country

3) No clarity has been given by the council with regard to the current psychologists or how they can procure a license with the change in the norms. According to her, the degrees of MA graduates with training and experience may be rendered void, further reducing the number of therapists.

4) Furthermore, there has been no clear delineation between a counselling psychologist and a clinical psychologist and no norms laid for the former. 

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