Why are people not taking to EVs yet? Students find solutions to this, win 'India’s Top Young Problem Solvers' title

 HCL Jigsaw edition three, this is the solution that a Class VIII student from Hyderabad and his team came up with for a real-life problem
Here's how he became India’s Top Young Problem Solver had to say | (Pic: HCL Jigsaw and EdexLive)
Here's how he became India’s Top Young Problem Solver had to say | (Pic: HCL Jigsaw and EdexLive)

If you are concerned about Electric Vehicles (EVs), specifically about the low penetration of EVs in India, Rohaan Karthik and his team are here to give us a solution to this. Rohaan, a Class VIII student from Narayana High School, Hyderabad, participated in the third edition of HCL Jigsaw, one of India’s premier critical reasoning platforms, and have been crowned as India’s Top Young Problem Solvers.
The 13-year-old from Hyderabad and his teammates, Poojya Pannerkuma, Class VIII from Delhi Public School, Bengaluru and Prisha Kulkarni, Class VIII from Smt. Suniti Devi Singhania School, Thane, won this contest by exhibiting exceptional problem-solving and critical-reasoning skills through their creative solutions to real-world problems.
“I decided to participate in this competition because it is a good platform to show my critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. These are the main skills required in the 21st century. So, I participated in this contest to assess my critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” said Rohaan, who aspires to become a robotic scientist in the future.
The competition involved three rounds. The first round was an adaptive multiple-choice questions format. In the semi-finals (round 2), the participants were grouped into teams of three to solve a project-based challenge.
In the final round, Rohaan said, “We were supposed to come up with a solution for a real-life problem in front of a jury. The most challenging part of this competition is when we had to present our solutions to the jury in the third round.”
After intense brainstorming sessions, Rohaan and his team proceeded to highlight all the problems of low penetration of EVs in India and presented the solution to the jury via a PowerPoint presentation. So, what were the solutions they suggested? “We should increase the number of charging points, discounts and offers on the initial cost of EV should be given. Inbuilt solar charging panels in EVs and exchange offers on EVs would also help.”  These were the solution that earned them good comments from the jury members.
While sharing his experience that led him towards winning this title, the teenage problem solver also added, “I prepared for this competition by seeing a number of problem-solving videos and my mentor Maitri H Modi guided me with my presentation skills and speaking skills that motivated me to speak confidently in front of the judges.”
“I am feeling so happy and proud to be one of India’s youngest problem solvers,” said the winner from Hyderabad. “It was a new experience being able to meet participants from across the country and teaming up with people I just met was amazing. We helped each other in ideating, understanding the problem, making the presentation and so on,” he added.
HCL announced the winners of the third edition of HCL Jigsaw on August 29. Over 37,000 students from 2,185 private schools and 467 non-private schools across 850 cities of 28 states and seven Union Territories registered for the virtual competition. 

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