Why you totally need to check out ISB's exclusive portal for management case studies

This portal by the Indian School of Business (ISB) was completed by September 2021 and launched in October
It's a cool portal | (Pic: ISB and Edexlive)
It's a cool portal | (Pic: ISB and Edexlive)

A portal exclusively dedicated to management case studies was launched by the Indian School of Business (ISB) just last month. With promising interactive features, this portal comes with an extensive catalogue of case studies which are authored by the faculty of ISB and soon, case studies from other reputed business schools will also be up on the portal.

"Our endeavour is to help build the ecosystem for management education through strong linkages between industry and academia. Given ISB’s rich teaching and research expertise, complemented with deep industry connections, we at ISB can play a key role in enhancing and impacting the quality of business school teaching and curriculum. Our case collection, covering a broad range of disciplines, fills the need for relevant and current India and Asia focussed pedagogical content in global classrooms," says Professor Saumya Sindhwani, Executive Director, Centre for Learning and Management Practice, ISB along with being in charge of the portal, work on which started in March 2021.

Those interested can create a login ID to easily access the collection of India-based cases that have already been through a rigorous review process. Mostly, these cases are focussed on challenges of doing business in emerging markets with specific reference to India plus are research-based and present real-world organisations. Cases are even accompanied by detailed teaching notes and supplements including multimedia elements. All this is available to registered users and every case study needs to be purchased at a nominal price.  

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"The cases go through a multi-stage, rigorous review and editing process that ensures teaching quality and effectiveness of the content. Given the changes we are witnessing in the teaching and learning environment, our focus is on exploring new formats for content in the form of podcasts, multimedia cases and so on that are likely to gain popularity as we move to consume more audio-visual content,” informs Geetika Shah, Senior Associate Director, Centre for Learning and Management Practice, ISB.

Not just students, but even educators can utilise the resources of this website to uncover new ideas and content for the courses they teach. In the near future, one can expect more multimedia content plus case development and case teaching resources as well.

Check out the portal here https://cases.isb.edu/

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