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JNTU to roll out new courses, artificial intelligence and machine learning in the mix 

JNTU-A, which has six departments, will get an additional Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) from the current academic year (2022-23)

Published on 9th August 2022

Less than 50 pc of children able to cope up with learning loss post-pandemic, reveals survey 

The survey revealed that 58 per cent of teachers were of the opinion that children have missed out on social skills and now get distracted easily

Published on 8th August 2022

India can provide a better education system to other countries through Hybrid Learning: AICTE's Chief Coordinating Officer 

Dr Buddha Chandrashekhar played a key role in the development of AICTE's internship portal. He weighs in on digital infrastructure for Hybrid Learning and the role of AICTE after HECI

Published on 25th July 2022

AICTE kicks off mission to transform all engineering institutions into hybrid learning centres

A certification programme has been launched for heads of 10,000 engineering institutions approved by the AICTE to provide training in hybrid learning infrastructure

Published on 21st July 2022

School textbooks set to be rationalised by NCERT to facilitate learning recovery

Union Minister of State for Education Annapurna Devi said that the move was aimed at compensating for the loss of time due to prolonged school closures during the pandemic

Published on 18th July 2022

New tool to predict cancer-causing genes in an individual? Here are all the details

The tool is based on a Machine Learning model that classifies genes as tumour suppressors, neutral or oncogenes: Researchers

Published on 7th July 2022

E-Canteen Fundas: Don't play it safe, pick what you're most passionate about, give it 100% and watch the dots connect

Commit to any of your choices that interest you and commit to them passionately. Give them complete attention. When you live passionately, you open the doors to your destiny

Published on 7th July 2022

West Bengal Board to carry out evaluation to assess students' academic progress in the last two years

As per the notice, the first offline summative evaluation will take place between July 2 and 12, while the second will be in September and the third in December

Published on 28th June 2022

Government must work faster to implement NEP: Former Karnataka Knowledge Commission Consultant

While the education department is intent on rolling out the policy phase-wise in the state, some believe that they should move towards faster implementation in schools

Published on 27th June 2022

How online education during the ongoing pandemic changed the behaviour of students

The isolation many students felt during the pandemic and parents’ inability to offer emotional support could have contributed to the issue

Published on 23rd June 2022

After 11 days of holidays, schools reopen in Odisha with new learning calendar 

Officials also said that the attendance will improve from next week onwards. The government had limited the summer vacation to 11 days from June 6 to 16 to carry out a learning recovery plan

Published on 18th June 2022

A citizen's group is demanding resignation of Karnataka's Education Minister BC Nagesh. This is why

Textbook revision, management of the COVID crisis, increasing student dropout rate and widening learning gap are few of the reasons cited by them 

Published on 15th June 2022

E-Canteen Fundas: Why losing out on sleep during exams might actually be counter-productive to learning

Get your 8 hours of sleep to get the full benefits of the restorative, healing and learning effects of sleep. A good night’s sleep aids learning, helps in healing and recharging the body, mind and sou

Published on 9th June 2022

World Ocean Day: Two students and a naturalist to launch a book that turns beaches into learning spaces

The book reviewed by TNIE has about 24 innovative interactive activities like a fish market classroom, nature journaling at the beach, winds and cardinal directions and so on

Published on 8th June 2022

Digitally yours: This Great Learning course, offered in collab with NUS, will help you bring about digital transformation

Jai Arya, Head, Executive Education, NUS Business School said they hope that the course will, "drive adoption of digital technologies efficiently" and "explore newer domains of business"

Published on 8th June 2022

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