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AP: PIL filed against appointment of Dr YSR Horticultural University VC

Though the committee of search and selection did not recommend any names for the post of the VC, the appointment came through

Published on 13th July 2023

Bengaluru: To make students' NASA dreams come true, passports issued in the nick of time

Along with these girls, six others — Angel Dadhich, Ashitha R, Advik Shukla, Dhinesh Karthikeya, Gali Koushik Reddy and L P Avikshith — will head to the NASA conference 

Published on 11th April 2023

Two Andhra Pradesh teens selected to compete in Nasa's Human Exploration Rover Challenge

The challenge tasks students worldwide with designing and constructing a rover capable of navigating the surfaces of the Moon and Mars, as well as developing a multi-purpose task tool

Published on 14th January 2023

#WhatTheFAQ: World's first nasal COVID-19 vaccine rolled out! What's the cost? Can you take it?

Bharat Biotech in collaboration with Washington University at St Louis brought out the vaccine, iNCOVACC

Published on 26th December 2022

Nine students from Jammu and Kashmir join global asteroid search campaign

The campaign was organised by the Homi Lab in association with the International Astronomical Search Collaboration

Published on 19th December 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: To the moon and back with NASA’s Artemis 1. What is this rocket all about?

NASA launched Artemis 1 today, November 16, to establish a sustained human presence on the Moon for years to come 

Published on 16th November 2022

IIT Madras and NASA collaborate and study interaction between microbes on ISS

Microbes on the ISS were discovered to be beneficial for other microorganisms but it obstructs the growth of fungus


Published on 21st October 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: NASA's DART mission hits an asteroid, as planned! Now, what next?

This was NASA's first attempt to use a DART to hit an asteroid to change the course of its orbit. Did it work?

Published on 27th September 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: What do NASA's newly detected spooky space sounds say about the universe?

Video clips of weird space sounds from a black hole have been doing the rounds on the internet. With speculations abound, here's what this discovery actually means

Published on 24th August 2022

Gurgaon student who designed app for NASA now designs financial literacy app

The student from SunCity School studies in Class XI. He aims to make 7,500 Indians financially literate over the next 75 days


Published on 6th August 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: How is NASA's James Webb Telescope helping #UnfoldTheUniverse?

The first set of images from the largest, most powerful space telescope was released this week by NASA. This is why they have taken the internet by storm

Published on 13th July 2022

NASA girl and LPU student Jahnavi Dangeti felicitated by AP's Adikavi Nannaya University 

Mokka Jagannatha Rao, Vice-Chancellor, ANU, presented a memento to the student and even appreciated her endeavours

Published on 13th May 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: What is the latest geomagnetic solar storm and how will it impact us on Earth?

The Sun is currently at the start of a new 11-year solar cycle, which means that solar spots, eruptions and flares will grow more intense and extreme

Published on 14th April 2022

What The FAQ: All about NASA's discovery of the Jupiter-like protoplanet and its stunning formation

What is this protoplanet, stated to be 9x the size of Jupiter, all about and what do we understand about planet formation from its discovery? Let's find out 


Published on 6th April 2022

What happened on March 25: The all-women spacewalk that almost was, another great who dropped out of Oxford  

We say almost was because it never came to be and for the most absurd reason ever! Also, here's an interesting anecdote from the life of English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley  

Published on 25th March 2022

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