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Experimenting in The Heritage Lab: How Medhavi Gandhi's website is getting kids to fall in love with museums again  

How can history, art and culture be made interesting to people? We speak to Medhavi Gandhi, Founder of The Heritage Lab, a digital platform that will connect you to different museums, their treasures

Published on 15th September 2021

This 21-year-old Delhi University grad's virtual project, Karwaan, is the History hook-up you've needed

Eshan Sharma truly believes that what he is doing will be looked back at by future generations as a quick glimpse into history, he believes he is creating a repository for students to refer to in the

Published on 2nd September 2021

#ThrowbackToday: The most well-preserved dinosaur fossil was discovered over a decade ago today

In today's #TBT, we tell you about fossil hunter Susan Hendrickson and Sue, the fossil she discovered. It is currently displayed in full glory at the Field Museum of Natural History, USA

Published on 12th August 2021

As CUSAT turns 50, we talk to the Vice-Chancellor of the esteemed institute about the events that are lined up for the year  

KN Madhusoodanan talks about the history of the university, its projects for this year and the vision he has in store for the future

Published on 11th August 2021

NASA's Ingenuity honoured for history-making flights on Mars

The prestigious honour recognises the pioneering rotorcraft for its history-making flights on the Red Planet, NASA said in a statement on Tuesday

Published on 11th August 2021

What the FAQ: What is happening in Afghanistan and what can India do about it?  

Afghanistan is so often embroiled in big picture conflicts that it has never been able to shed enough light on the humanitarian burden of its history. Where does India stand on the issue?

Published on 6th August 2021

Indian-origin author Sunjeev Sahota among 13 Booker Prize for fiction contenders, he was also the 2015 Booker Prize nominee

Sahota is on the longlist for the 50,000-pound (USD 69,000) prize for his novel 'China Room', inspired in part by the author's own family history

Published on 27th July 2021

Chrome allows users to manage their permissions to websites, introduced new privacy features

In an upcoming release, Google will also add an option to delete the site from your browsing history in Chrome

Published on 21st July 2021

What The FAQ: What is Pulitzer Prize and who was the first Indian to win it?

Pulitzer-winning photographer Danish Siddiqui died in Afghanistan recently. Here, we decode what the award is all about and its history

Published on 19th July 2021

Traces of Chalcolithic-Bronze, Iron and Urban Culture found during an excavation in Odisha

Odishan Institute of Maritime and South-East Asian Studies' major discoveries were the base of a circular hut, black on red-painted pottery, black-slipped ware, red-slipped ware and copper objects

Published on 3rd July 2021

Karnataka shocker: 13-year-old boy diagnosed with rare post-COVID complication

He also said that the child came with a history of high-grade fever, headache, fever, vomiting, and developed respiratory failure the same day

Published on 29th June 2021

What the FAQ: What is the Strawberry Moon and when will we get to see it?

The celestial phenomenon that has been sighted across the world since Thursday is expected to be seen in India very soon. Here is the history and science behind it

Published on 25th June 2021

What the FAQ: Why is International Olympic Day celebrated on June 23? Here's all you need to know

June 23 is celebrated as International Olympic Day every year. In today's FAQ column, we tell you what the day is all about, its history, significance and more

Published on 23rd June 2021

This NGO is giving Deccan history and architecture the TLC and educational spread that it deserves

DHF has published 13 different guidebooks that can really tell you loads about historical places. These books can help tourists visiting the historical monuments

Published on 9th June 2021

Why you'll love the online History courses crafted around Karnataka's greatest monuments, by the Historywallahs 

Basav Biradar of Historywallahs tells us why he likes to take people on heritage walks in Bengaluru and across the state. It's all about the culture and history of Karnataka for him  


Published on 29th May 2021

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