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Two schools for blind students under scrutiny in Telangana; HC directs authorities to file report

The court appointed senior counsel L Ravichander as amicus curiae to study the conditions prevailing in the schools

Published on 7th October 2023

Committee investigates Maharaja College viral video incident insulting visually-impaired prof

There is widespread demand from various quarters calling for strict action against the involved students

Published on 17th August 2023

Deafblind scholar’s triumph: Prof Miranda Tomkinson clears UGC-NET against all odds

Prof Tomkinson managed to pass the UGC-NET this year with 38%, despite not having a Braille questionnaire, a Braille display device or a proper scribe

Published on 27th July 2023

Failing the test: No Braille questionnaire; deafblind Prof Tomkinson turned away from UGC-NET, again 

By simply requesting a question paper he could read, Prof Miranda Tomkinson's voice echoed the urgent need for greater accessibility towards those with disabilities

Published on 28th March 2023

Coach Calling: Feeling blindsided by life's curve balls? Fall back on these three solid tips to stay in control

The first step is to remember WHY we started down this path in the first place, our intent and motivation behind it

Published on 6th August 2022

How University of Hyderabad's MoU with Help The Blind Foundation can aid visually-impaired students

The MoU is an expression of interest by a public institution and a private charity to come together to work for students with visual impairment

Published on 30th July 2022

Colour blind student will return to FTII next year, institute tells SC

Ashutosh Kumar has been battling for the right to study at FTII for seven years. This year, the Supreme Court finally directed the FTII to adopt an inclusive and progressive approach

Published on 10th May 2022

Kerala: This device made of biodegradable plastic can help visually-impaired students learn English

Earlier, a single wooden device was used in one class and all students had to use it for learning. Akshi is a 3x3 grid device made of biodegradable plastic

Published on 15th April 2022

SC directs FTII Pune to allow candidates suffering from colour blindness to pursue filmmaking courses

The apex court also ordered that its direction will also be applicable to other film and television institutes following a similar curriculum as FTII

Published on 12th April 2022

Ashutosh Kumar and what he's done for fellow colour blind filmmakers: An interview with the changemaker

For six years now, Ashutosh Kumar has fought for the right to study at India's premier film institute. We take a look at his journey

Published on 12th April 2022

In search of 'colour': The story of aspiring filmmaker Ashutosh Kumar's tryst with FTII

Ashutosh found out that he was colour blind at the medical examination before his admission to the FTII and that changed his life

Published on 7th December 2021

Here's why this blind English teacher from Kerala can't wait to return to school  

Shamna KS believes that the quality of education was lost during online classes but now with offline classes, it will gradually improve 

Published on 13th October 2021

Jeffrey Archer's advice for young writers: Never, ever let others read your book till it's done

An advocate of hard work and writing in longhand, we caught up with Jeffery Archer smack in the middle of having launched a book two months back and the run-up to the next launch in two months

Published on 4th August 2021

Sherry, a nine-month-old stray blind dog in UP's Jhansi finds home in Pennsylvania

Sherry was brought to Delhi where she was further treated and finally sent to Pennsylvania. Sherry was formally adopted and has begun a new life from Monday

Published on 14th July 2021

How Chokka Rao has kept visually-challenged youth in Nalgonda from the darkness for 25 years now

The visually-challenged don't need your sympathy. They need education and empathy. Give them that and they will change the world as we know it today, says Nalgonda School for the Blind's Chokka Rao

Published on 26th January 2021

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