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What were you doing at 16? This Bengaluru kid is shaping young children's lives for the better  

Camelia Bhattacharya is a teenager who is helping kids through the Future Leader Program by the 1M1B Foundation

Published on 3rd November 2021

Research finds how schools can boost better sleep patterns in teens amid pandemic

According to the researchers, encouraging better sleeping habits could help reduce teenagers' stress and improve their ability to cope in times of crisis

Published on 18th September 2021

#ThrowbackToday: When four teenagers and a dog stumbled upon a prehistoric cave

In today's #TBT, we recall an adventurous day when a bunch of teenagers and their dog actually discovered a cave that went on to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Published on 12th September 2021

Are you an Indian teen who wants to earn big money? Here's what you need to do

As a teenager, you are subjected to a certain amount of pressure — school requirements, extracurricular activities, and other activities. The concern is how to make money during this time. We tell you

Published on 24th August 2021

Yogi govt launches campaign to check child labour

About 10,000 children and teenagers, including about 2,000 engaged in hazardous work, have been identified in the past five years

Published on 16th August 2021

MP govt sues online game firm as teen ends life after losing money

The teenager who ended his life had left behind a suicide note in which he stated that he was taking this extreme step after losing Rs 40,000 in an online game

Published on 2nd August 2021

Young in years and huge at heart, this 16-year-old is churning out delicious cakes to serve a cause...or two

Ishvi Mathai’s cakes have been bringing smiles to more people than just those who eat them. Cooking for a cause, this teenager is divvying up her proceeds from her business between multiple causes

Published on 21st July 2021

This AI chatbot by Class 11 students will help teens deal with mental stress. Here's how

The AI chatbot provides a platform to teenagers to discuss their mental health issues. We find out more

Published on 5th July 2021

Anti-inflammation drugs may be able to treat COVID-19 complications in children, finds study

The illness generally occurs two to six weeks after the infection. It affects children of all ages but is more common in older children and teenagers

Published on 17th June 2021

AstraZeneca jab has been authorised for all age-groups: European Medicines Agency

On June 11, Italy restricted the use of AstraZeneca doses to those aged 60 years and above, after a teenager who had received the shot died from a rare form of blood clotting

Published on 14th June 2021

Tennis champ, concerned environmentalist, book drive conductor — there is so much that this teen from Vizag is doing

Dhruv Advaith Kolagatla started playing tennis at the young age of six but that's not the only passion that drives this teenager. His heart also beats for the environment and for needy students too

Published on 2nd June 2021

This 13-year-old hobby enthusiast will help you discover what you are passionate about via her platform

Niyathi Varma is from Hyderabad and she studies in Class IX. What you should also know is that this teenager loves the pursuit of multiple hobbies. Here's why she thinks this is vital to learning

Published on 19th May 2021

This Hyderabad teen's book will make you realise that not all teenagers are 'Lost Causes'

Arya Dharod is out with his third book and it's all about being a teenager. He poured over his book for about a year and he takes us through his process of writing. Plus, he tells us his future plans

Published on 2nd February 2021
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Drink, drug risk lower among optimistic pupils with 'happy' childhood memories: Study

Teenagers with happy childhood memories are likely to drink less, consume fewer drugs and enjoy learning, the study said

Published on 26th January 2021

Being obese may increase the risk of mental health issues in teens: Study

For the study, the team involved 48 teenagers (73 per cent girls), with an average age of 15 and an average BMI of 42, which is severe obesity

Published on 20th January 2021

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