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What happened on April 6: Russia puts an end to the absurd beard tax, first animated film releases

Yes, there was something called the beard tax and no, Russia isn't the only one who imposed it. Also, here's a little about Humorous Phases of Funny Faces  


Published on 6th April 2022

The plight of Indian MBBS students enrolled in Chinese universities who are now stuck here 

The last two years have been tough for students who travelled abroad to pursue MBBS. With the arrival of the pandemic, those enrolled in colleges in China, the Philippines and Russia had to come back

Published on 21st March 2022

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar blames war-torn Ukraine for delayed evacuation of Indian students

It is also noteworthy that as tensions were escalating in the early days between Russia and Ukraine (early and mid-Feb), the flight tickets of airlines, including Air India, were exorbitantly priced

Published on 16th March 2022

What The FAQ: Chelsea FC is up for sale. Here's how it's linked to the Ukraine-Russia crisis

While the recent reason can be pegged to the owner's alleged close ties with the Russian President and the Kremlin, issues have been plaguing the Russian oligarch's ownership of the club since 2018

Published on 4th March 2022

Serious efforts underway to evacuate Indian students from Ukraine: Om Birla

Special flights under 'Operation Ganga' have been pressed into action to evacuate Indian nationals stranded in Ukraine 

Published on 3rd March 2022

How this Kerala student managed to survive the shelling that killed Naveen in Ukraine

The Russian attack began last week and heavy shelling has been reported from several areas of Ukraine, including capital Kyiv and Kharkiv

Published on 2nd March 2022

Russia invaded Ukraine minutes after this Maharashtra student reached Ukraine varsity. Here's what he's dong now

He entered the university hostel on February 24 and within minutes, he got to know that Russia had launched the military offensive against Ukraine

Published on 28th February 2022

Difficult to evac Indians who reach border without prior intimation: Indian embassy in Ukraine

The Indian embassy in Ukraine issued a fresh advisory in view of increasing Russian attacks on several Ukrainian cities and reports of heavy fighting around the capital Kyiv

Published on 26th February 2022

Indian government is our last hope: Students from India take shelter in basement after Russian invasion

Putin announced a special military operation in Ukraine on Wednesday night. Russia has launched multiple attacks on several areas in central and eastern Ukraine

Published on 25th February 2022

Indian embassy in Kyiv once again advises Indian students to leave Ukraine

The move came amidst apprehensions by Western leaders that Russia was set to invade Ukraine soon as it deployed over 130,000 soldiers, heavy weapons and fighter jets along the Ukrainian border

Published on 22nd February 2022

What the FAQ: Why is the US Embassy staff being moved from Ukraine?

The fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine has put the US State Department into action on foreign territories in the east of Europe

Published on 15th February 2022

What the FAQ: Sensex, NIFTY tank — what went wrong with the stock market?

The stock markets, in the US as well as locally here, are facing the brunt of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis

Published on 14th February 2022

What the FAQ: What is going on between Russia and Ukraine?

There has been a mass mobilisation of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border and some experts fear that this might mean an invasion is imminent

Published on 8th February 2022

Manure in the form of capsules? Joint research project between MGU and a Siberian University is making this possible 

A similar method is also being used for potato cultivation in Siberia, shared scientists Alexia Dudev and Nasezhda Strelsova who travelled from Siberia to Kottayam for the purposes of this research

Published on 7th January 2022
Medical Council of India

Kerala Police issue guidelines for MBBS aspirants going to foreign universities

Police advise parents, students to be wary of fraudulent agencies claiming to be authorised reps of colleges in Russia, Moldova, China

Published on 29th July 2019

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