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‘Working very hard to curb violence’: US on attacks against Indian students

The US says that President Joe Biden and his administration have been working very hard to try to thwart and disrupt these kinds of attacks

Published on 16th February 2024

British Council offers GREAT Scholarships 2024 for Indian students 

The GREAT Scholarships aim to widen access to UK education in India and celebrates the diverse range of institutions in the UK 

Published on 14th February 2024

Indian students in US facing 'one death a day', says community leader

“Not to exaggerate, but we deal with at least one death a day across the country and mostly among young students or H-1B employees who have recently immigrated to the US from India," said founder of T

Published on 8th February 2024

About 403 Indian students died abroad since 2018, MEA said in Lok Sabha

According to the statistics, 14 Indian students died in Cyprus, 10 each in the Philippines and Italy and nine each in Qatar, China and Kyrgyzstan

Published on 3rd February 2024

Special French language programme for Indian students launched by France 

Under this programme, Indians can study French in France for one year before starting any degree programme for the September intake

Published on 30th January 2024

Number of US visas to Indian students, entrepreneurs up by 60%: Ambassador Garcetti

The US Ambassador to India, speaking at the Indo-American Chamber of Conference said that US companies have produced over 3 million jobs in India

Published on 30th January 2024
Canada cost-of-living

Canada's two-year cap on international students' visas to impact Indians students

Immigration Minister Marc Miller said as part of the cap, there will be a 35 per cent reduction in new study visas in 2024

Published on 23rd January 2024
UK Australia Visa curbs

Visa crackdown by UK, Australia: How does it affect Indian students planning to study abroad?

Recently, on December 11, Australia announced that it is restricting the intake of international students and low-skilled workers by tightening the visa rules

Published on 15th December 2023

How would the UK Graduate Visa Review impact Indian international students?

Concerned about the increasing crackdown on immigration by the current UK government, British politicians of Indian origin weigh in on the impact this review might have on the immigration of Indians

Published on 14th December 2023

Curbing screen time: Strategies to empower Indian students

Setting guidelines and regulations for screen time usage within educational institutions can provide a structured environment that fosters healthy digital habits

Published on 9th December 2023

Despite strong Indo-Japan bilateral ties, Indian students opting for Japan are far less 

Breaking the myth of needing to learn Japanese, Ryuhei said, "You don't need to know the Japanese language. There are many programmes offering degrees in English"

Published on 2nd December 2023
US student visa

United States issued record 1,40,000 visas to Indian students last year

Last month, the US Mission to India reached and surpassed the goal to process one million non-immigrant visa applications in 2023

Published on 29th November 2023

UK: UCL announces India Excellence Scholarships for Master's degrees; 100 Indian students to benefit

For the 2024-25 academic year, 33 scholarships will be available for exceptional students who have or are on track to achieve a first-class degree

Published on 22nd November 2023

Rise of exam fees: How it affects Indian students and parents 

​The rising examination fees have placed an additional financial burden on students and their families

Published on 18th November 2023

How can we bridge the digital divide to benefit Indian students?

By addressing the challenges and implementing effective strategies, India can ensure that its future generations are equipped with the digital skills

Published on 18th November 2023

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