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Karnataka has always attracted Engineering aspirants and students gravitate towards the state for these reasons

Karnataka, hub for technical education in India? Students, experts weigh in

Experts say that the state has always been a pioneer in the field of engineering and technical education. But how accessible is this education to students coming from other states?


Published on 27th May 2023
Mental health tips to tackle exam anxiety

CUET 2023: Tips to tackle exam stress as per mental health experts

The season of entrance exams brings anxiety and stress to the student community. But if you are feeling the pre-jitters, these tips might help.

Published on 20th May 2023

Why is FMGE proving to be thorny path for FMGs? Students, experts speak up

Dr Ashwini Dalmiya, DMC member, opines that a clear-cut policy is the need of the hour for FMG students

Published on 19th May 2023

Parents’ role important in suicide prevention among children: Experts

The experts were speaking at a webinar on the societal role when it comes to the prevention of student suicides during a webinar arranged by the Hyderabad Chapter of Public Relations Society India

Published on 16th May 2023

NEET in two phases: A viable option? Experts and students weigh in

NEET UG, a ‘One nation-One exam’, comes with its own drawbacks. Why is the Government overlooking this major facet when it affects the lives of thousands of students every year?  

Published on 10th May 2023

NCERT syllabus rationalisation: Experts opine on NEP-compliant claims & if it encourages coaching culture

From outright dismissal and deep concern to optimism — educationists weigh in their thoughts on the controversial NCERT rationalisation exercise

Published on 8th April 2023

US to hike student visa fee by about 10% from May 30. Experts explain why 

The experts hope that the USA visa process eases up soon and students don't have to fret so much 

Published on 26th April 2023

NEET UG 2023: Mental health experts talk about keeping exam stress at bay

When one fails to clear an exam considered rather difficult, one dwells on the impossibilities rather than what is possible and attainable

Published on 24th April 2023

With heart attacks becoming common among children, experts recommend balanced diet, exercise

After a recent incident in Andhra Pradesh where a 12-year-old died of a heart attack, cardiac health and heart-related ailments among children have become a cause of concern

Published on 24th April 2023

NCERT textbooks row: Experts consulted for removal of Mughals, Gandhi from syllabus, says Edu Ministry

In a written response to a question raised in the Lok Sabha, the Education Ministry stated that the NCERT has conducted the rationalisation exercise after consulting with external experts 

Published on 15th April 2023

KPSC aspirants’ association demand more experts on interview panel

The aspirants protested several times last year alleging corruption and non-transparency in the recruitment process for government jobs in Karnataka

Published on 14th April 2023

Demand for university at Rourkela grows louder. Here's what students, experts are saying

Rourkela residents and students demand a university in their city, citing the burden of travelling long distances to attend college and the overburdened state of the current university in the area

Published on 4th March 2023

TN education experts call for rollback of discriminatory assessment test for Class IX students which starts today

The test, which aims to select top-performing students for model schools, has been criticised for promoting inequality in education 

Published on 4th March 2023

Ragging in medical colleges: Experts speak about the problems and solutions

Though ragging is banned and anti-ragging laws are strictly implemented, such incidents continue to be reported

Published on 2nd March 2023

International Mother Language Day: Using both English, mother tongue best way to educate, say experts

At a conference, the experts said that a child could gain the confidence to lead a successful life through his/her mother tongue

Published on 22nd February 2023

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