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No graduation ceremonies or facilities: Class VI Afghan girls finish school year in tears

"Graduating (from sixth grade) means we are going to seventh grade,” said a student. “But all of our classmates cried and we were very disappointed," she added

Published on 25th December 2023
Taliban education

Girls of all ages permitted to study in religious schools: Taliban

The Taliban have been globally condemned for banning girls and women from education beyond sixth grade, including university

Published on 22nd December 2023
Taliban ban education

Afghanistan: Girl students urge Taliban to lift ban on secondary education for girls

More than 800 days have passed since the Taliban announced the closure of schools for girls studying above Class VI in Afghanistan

Published on 9th December 2023

Taliban denied women permission to leave country for higher education, says scholarship group

The Chairman of the Al Habtoor group that provided scholarships to these women expressed his disappointment at such rigorous policies limiting freedom

Published on 24th August 2023

Afghan women demand educational institutions be reopened for them

As the Taliban regime completed its second year in the country, women had hoped for changes

Published on 19th August 2023

Afghanistan: Second round university entrance exam begins without girls' participation

The National Examination Authority (NEXA) said that in this round, 29,000 graduates of the twelfth grade, all boys, will take the test 

Published on 4th August 2023

In Afghanistan, 60% girls, 40% boys of primary school age receive no education: UNICEF 

Japanese Ambassador to Afghanistan Takashi Okada and Taliban leader Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi met over a meeting where the former discussed Japan's efforts to help the people of Afghanistan

Published on 8th July 2023

Japan to offer masters', doctorate-level scholarships to Afghan students 

The scheme for Afghan students, which was announced amidst ban on women's education, would begin from 2024

Published on 3rd July 2023

Banned from schools, Afghan girls turn to entrepreneurship for survival

As the Taliban seeks to silence their voices and deny them education, these students have risen up to prove that their potential cannot be suppressed

Published on 10th May 2023

As Afghanistan universities remain shut, female students aspire to study abroad

The female students urged the Taliban to reopen universities for women. Women's rights activists have said that the closure of universities is damaging Afghanistan's education sector

Published on 31st March 2023

Private Afghan universities risk closure post the ban on women. Here's why

Mohammad Karim Nasiri, a spokesman for the Private Universities' Union informed that 35 institutions suffered this plight

Published on 30th December 2022

Students of this women's college in AP protested against Afghanistan's decision to ban women from higher education

The college staff and committees of the college participated in the rally raising slogans against the Taliban government in Afghanistan

Published on 29th December 2022

Education at stake, Afghan students waiting for Indian visa feel hopeless

Applications for the e-Emergency X-Misc Visa have been cancelled and they were not allowed to speak with members of the embassy, complained students from Afghanistan

Published on 26th December 2022

Taliban's ban on women education: Afghan male students boycott classes, protest against ban

Since August 15, 2021, the de facto authorities barred girls from attending secondary school and restricted women and girls' freedom of movement

Published on 26th December 2022

Taliban higher education minister explains reason behind ban on women from universities

Girls have been banned from middle school and high school, and women have been barred from most fields of employment and ordered to wear head-to-toe clothing in public under Islamic law

Published on 23rd December 2022

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