Rajasthan school board official suspended for wearing shorts to work

Disciplinary action has been initiated against Tekchandani in the past also
Here's what happened
Here's what happened(Pic: EdexLive Desk)

A section officer of the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education was suspended for indiscipline after he wore shorts to the office and allegedly misbehaved with the staff when some of them objected to his attire.

Secretary of the Board Kailash Chandra Sharma said that Rakesh Kumar Tekchandani, section officer in the academics branch, reached the office on Monday, May 27, wearing a T-shirt and shorts and "started creating nuisance", stated a report by PTI.

When other employees objected, he misbehaved with them. Taking disciplinary action, he was suspended.

"Today, he came to the office and created a nuisance. He entered the chamber of Director (Academic) Rakesh Swami and questioned why he was suspended. Police were informed and he was arrested for disturbing peace," Sharma said.

While Rajasthan has been reeling from an intense heat wave with temperatures hovering around 48-50 degrees Celsius, Sharma said that Tekchandani did not give any specific reason for coming to the office in shorts on May 27.

He was wearing shirt and trousers when he came to the office on Tuesday, May 28.

Sharma said that disciplinary action has been initiated against Tekchandani in the past also.

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