Student Visa Day celebrated at US Consulate General Mumbai amid huge demand

The US Consulate General Mumbai continues to navigate the surge in demand for student visas
Here's how they celebrated it
Here's how they celebrated it(Pic: EdexLive Desk)

It was Student Visa Day at the US Consulate General Mumbai on June 13, which celebrated it by conducting 3,900 interviews of aspiring students. This eighth edition was a celebration of American higher education for Indian students. 

Deputy Principal Officer Michael Schreuder expressed their commitment to fostering gender equality and safety in educational pursuits. The deputy principal officer said that their goal is to advance women's economic empowerment in India. "We in the US government want to make that experience for everyone, boys, girls, men and women, a safe and secure one," shared Schreuder, as stated in a report by ANI

Acting Visa Chief, Denise Taylor, echoed the sentiment, emphasising the transformative potential of studying in the United States. "Our message to these students is to go to the United States and learn everything. You can soak up not just the experiences that you have at the college, but the experiences you have in the communities, in the culture. The United States is an incredibly interesting, diverse and fascinating country," she enthused, encouraging students to embrace the myriad opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Even Eric Garcetti, US Ambassador to India, shared heart-warming wishes with Indian students and even recognised their academic achievements. "Each student is an ambassador for India. Together we are taking the US-India relationship forward," Garcetti shared.

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