Assam Gov't proposes the foundation of two new state-run universities in the state

The universities namely Swahid Kanaklata Barua State University at Gohpur in Sonitpur district and Kokrajhar University in Kokrajhar will be established soon
Himanta Biswa Sharma (Pic: + TNIE)
Himanta Biswa Sharma (Pic: + TNIE)

The Assam Government has put forth a proposal for the creation of two new state-run universities in Sonitpur and Kokrajhar districts, a PTI report stated. While introducing two new bills, the government said that it is planning to name the first university the Swahid Kanaklata Barua State University at Gohpur in Sonitpur district and the other one Kokrajhar University in Kokrajhar.

As per The Swahid Kanaklata Barua State University Bill, 2024, it is set to be a new institute for "teaching, residential and affiliating university" providing open and distance learning facilities. The Kokrajhar University Bill, 2024 said that it will be created by upgrading the existing Kokrajhar Government College.

Under the Kokrajhar University, an open and distance learning centre will also come up, as mentioned in the bill. The University will also be a "teaching, research-oriented, affiliating and semi-residential University", according to a PTI report.

As per the higher education department, Assam has a total of 22 universities, 14 of which are run by the state government. The state now has two central and six private varsities.

The "Examination Bill"

On February 5, on the first day of the Assam budget session, the Government proposed an "Examination Bill" aimed at restricting malpractices by imposing stringent measures against cheating, leaking of question papers, and other such malice. Individuals caught cheating during the examinations could face up to three years of imprisonment, with a fine of Rupees 1 lakh levied on them. 

The punishment for leaking examination papers will attract Rupees 10 lakh fine, with a 10-year prison term, as mentioned in a report by the NorthEast India24.

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