FMGE 2022: Admit card to be out soon, exam on January 20. Here are tips from an expert to ace the exam

Medical education coaching expert Gaurav Tyagi asks students to focus on passing and to study the clinical part well
Expert tips to score well in FMGE | (Pic: EdexLive)
Expert tips to score well in FMGE | (Pic: EdexLive)

The December 2022 session of the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) is scheduled for January 20, 2023 and the admit card is likely to be released today, January 13. Now, with only about a week left for FMGE, it is important for students to try their level best, says Gaurav Tyagi, a career guidance expert in the field of medical education and NEET.

Here are some tips he shares for students to ace the exam:

Pass, that's the toughest bottleneck
"The pass percentage of FMGE has been very low over the last few years," says Gaurav. Thus, he advises students to put in their best efforts and focus on clearing the exam.

Focus on the clinical section
The clinical section is very important since the maximum number of questions in FMGE are asked from there, while a smaller percentage of questions are from the theory section. Therefore, students are advised to recall what they learnt during their clinical training and internship and focus on that.

Prepare well for visual questions
In FMGE, images and videos are depicted of a medical procedure or the like and questions are asked based on it. "Students need to focus on these questions on a priority basis," says Gaurav.

Don't start new topics; learn online
Since the exam is near, the expert advises aspirants to not go for any new topics, but to focus on learning what they already know. Additionally, practising sample papers is important. The students are also advised against getting diverted with content from various sources. "They can practice papers and clear their doubts on online platforms like Unacademy, Marrow and PrepLadder," says Gaurav.

Avoid negative marking
Students should answer only those questions they are sure of and not take a chance with questions they do not know, as FMGE follows a negative marking scheme. Students should try their best not to invite negative marks or else even if they answer other questions correctly, their total marks will come down because of this scheme.

Revise well
A strict revision is necessary to write the exam well. "I would advise students to finish revising all the topics at least 12 hours before the exam so that they can appear for the exam with a cool mind," says Gaurav. He adds that this will help the students to manage stress and curb last-minute self-doubts.

Judge yourself; maintain health
It is very important to judge oneself and one's preparation. It is also important to ensure enough sleep and a good diet routine. "This helps retain a calm mind," the expert says.

Most probably, the second-last FMGE
"Since the government is planning to introduce the NExT (National Exit Test) exam, students must keep it in mind that if they don't qualify in FMGE 2023, they will find it even harder to qualify NExT. So, they must give their best," Gaurav advises.

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