Karimnagar: Students using fake certificates to gain admissions in minority school

Parents of Muslim students claim that besides officials, the staffers of schools too are involved in the scam
This is happening in Karimnagar district | (Pic: EdexLive)
This is happening in Karimnagar district | (Pic: EdexLive)

In a major fake certificate scam, non-Christian students are allegedly getting admissions in minority residential schools by illegal means in the erstwhile Karimnagar district, Telangana, stated a report in The New Indian Express.

The issue came to light when the students from Muslim community and their parents took the issue to the notice of higher officials of the education department as well as the vigilance and enforcement authorities.

They alleged that the non-minorities were producing fake certificates of baptism in order to get admission to these schools.

They claimed that though the issue was brought to the notice of a few officials, they failed to take any action. They allege that these officials were colluding with the community leaders, who were issuing the fake certificates.

Congress minority cell district president Md Tajuddin, who complained to the Vigilance & Enforcement and Anti-Corruption Bureau authorities over the issue, said that the non-Christians were being given admissions in violation of rules. "After getting Baptism certificates, local tehsildar should issue BC B certificate. The schools should give admissions based on the certificates issued by the Revenue authorities. But this procedure is not being followed," he said.

Parents of Muslim students claim that save officials, the staffers of schools too are involved in the scam.

"While students are getting admissions by producing baptism certificates, their caste is not being mentioned in transfer certificates," they said, adding that, "Injustice is being done to Muslim students".

They demanded that the authorities launch a thorough investigation into the issue, and sack the officials as well as the students if they are found to be guilty. Action should also be initiated against the community leaders who are issuing these certificates, they added.

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