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Principals' role in schools: What are the challenges? What should they focus on?

Principals need to focus on academic matters, such as curriculum development, teacher training, and student assessment

Published on 28th September 2023

Bihar education department dismisses over 3 lakh students from schools

In Bihar, 75% attendance has been made mandatory in schools and failure to maintain the mark can lead to dismissals, and serious repercussions, read the order

Published on 27th September 2023

AI and how EdTechs and educational institutes are using it

AI is also being used to develop new educational tools and resources

Published on 27th September 2023

Schools in Kerala bag top awards nationally in EducationWorld school rankings

The various categories included Government Boarding Schools, State Government Day Schools and Day cum Boarding schools and others 

Published on 27th September 2023

CCTV cameras in schools and college: Challenges to right to privacy  

There are some challenges associated with implementing CCTV cameras on college campuses

Published on 26th September 2023

SC questions probe of UP classroom slap incident; said education doesn't discriminate between religions

The Supreme Court objected to the way the incident of the slapping of a child in a school was handled by Uttar Pradesh gov't

Published on 26th September 2023

Kerala to release a list of unvaccinated teachers, Education Minister says "public should know"

In the last meeting to discuss the latest COVID situation in the state, CM Vijayan had said that those who are not inoculated will not get free COVID-19 treatment at state government hospitals

Published on 3rd December 2021

Ban new engineering colleges for three years: K'taka Higher Education Minister writes to AICTE

Hitting back at the government, AITCE Chairman TG Sitharam on September 22 said that state private universities offering engineering courses do not fall under the ambit of AICTE

Published on 26th September 2023

Niche expertise vs versatility: MBA or MS, what suits you better?

Here, we jot down all the pros and cons of pursuing the two

Published on 26th September 2023

US issued over 90,000 student visas to Indians from June to August this year 

"I first came to India as a young student, and I've seen in my own life how transformative these experiences can be," said US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti

Published on 26th September 2023

Prejudice and discrimination in the classroom: What can teachers do?

Prejudice can lead to discrimination against students from certain backgrounds, which can have a devastating impact on their learning

Published on 26th September 2023

Illegal schools in India: What is the government doing about it?

The government is also working to address the root causes of illegal schools, such as poverty and lack of access to quality education

Published on 26th September 2023

Multiple entry and exit in Indian education? Is it possible?

A parliamentary panel released guidelines on how such an option would prove beneficial to students but might be difficult to implement


Published on 25th September 2023

Students to be actively engaged in sports events, says President of AP games federation 

It was also decided in the meeting that talented students should be identified and trained as national-level athletes 

Published on 25th September 2023

Karnataka has 1,600 illegal schools, colleges, says Education Minister

In a meeting conducted on September 24, Minister Madhu Bangarappa also discussed other plans to improve the educational infrastructure of the state

Published on 25th September 2023

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