A new e-Counselling system for Sainik Schools? Here's what is underway 

The new e-Counselling system for admission of students into Sainik Schools promises to be user-friendly and lighter on the pocket as well  
All that was announced | (Pic: Edexlive)
All that was announced | (Pic: Edexlive)

A savvy automated system is under development so that e-Counselling can be conducted for admission of students into Sainik Schools and this is being developed by the Sainik School Society (SSS). This was the information that the Ministry of Defence shared on February 6.

As per a report in IANS, this will be applicable to the new schools that are being set up and this is in line with the government's plan to give all students of the country the opportunity to reap the benefits of the National Education Policy (NEP) while following the Sainik School curriculum.

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SSS will make all the efforts necessary to ensure that students are made aware so that they can apply for e-Counselling and the timelines will be made known too, said the Ministry of Defence. Also, the new Sainik Schools will be given the necessary and suitable rights to provide category, gender-wise and also, information related to vacancies.

"The students will be asked to register through the link provided at the web portal www.sainikschool.ncog.gov.in and verify their details," the government said, as per IANS. It was also added that students will have the option to choose as many as ten schools as allocation choices.

Based on the students' rank and choice of schools, the allocation of Sainik Schools to the students will be carried out by the system. These results will be made known via the e-Counselling portal. The government stated that this automated system will make sure that there is full transparency when it comes to the admission process.

Less expensive, user-friendly, real-time monitoring of the total process plus, required action, as necessary in each stage — all this will be facilitated via the system for all the stakeholders, schools, students and administrative authorities.

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