This is how IIT Kanpur is rewarding the top ten rank holders in JEE Advanced in India

The institution announced a scholarship which will cover all the expenses education and accomodation of the top 10 rank holders during their time at IIT-K
IIT Kanpur (Picture: PTI)
IIT Kanpur (Picture: PTI)

The Bright Minds Scholarship was announced by IIT Kanpur on October 24 as part of an initiative to 'encourage and reward meritorious students'. The scholarship will be offered to the top 10 JEE Advanced rank holders who opt to study at IIT Kanpur. The top 10 will be selected from within the top 100 rankings in the eligibility exam.

The institution said that the scholarship will cover all expenses of the students on the campus, including tuition fee, and expenses for living on campus. The announcement was made on microblogging site Twitter by the Director of IIT Kanpur, Abhay Karandikar, who said, "These are ten prestigious and highly sought after academic scholarships for students within the top 100 AIR in #JeeAdvanced2021."

The director also disclosed that the scholarships are a result of support from an alumnus of the organisation, Lokvir Kapoor.

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