Didn't clear JEE Advanced? There might be another way into IITs soon

The institute is considering international olympiads as an alternative method of admission for students. Here's all about it  
Pic: EdexLive
Pic: EdexLive

JEE Advanced might soon cease to be the only way in for students who wish to get admitted to the Indian Institute of Technology. The institute in Kanpur is pondering allowing some leeway in admissions to students who have taken part in international olympiads, according to a report by the Times of India. 

Officials at the institute are of the opinion that a good number of students who enter and win these Olympiads are extremely talented, but they choose to study abroad. Nitin Saxena, chairman, UGARC (Undergraduate Academic Programme Review Committee) of IIT Kanpur told the newspaper that this measure is proposed to retain that talent in India. 

The decision has, as yet, not been cleared by the institute, but the framework has been put in place. Eligible students can approach the department of their interest for further guidelines. It was also said that while departments will be allowed to screen the candidates who apply, no procedure is in place yet, for the same. The institute's senate will have the last word in the admission of these candidates.

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