Omicron impact: DU's Chemistry PhD students demand online exams or postponement. Will it happen? 

While authorities have closed all educational institutions for in-person classes in view of the severe pollution in Delhi, institutions have been allowed to hold on-campus exams and lab practicals
Image for representation purposes only | (Pic: Express)
Image for representation purposes only | (Pic: Express)

Over 40 PhD students of the Delhi University’s (DU) Chemistry department have written to the head of the department, urging him not to hold offline exams in view of the new variant of the Coronavirus, Omicron.

In the letter, the students said that if online exams are not possible, the department could consider extending the date by a week. They said many students are not present on the campus and many are “not feeling comfortable” writing offline exams due to the new variant of COVID-19.

Chemistry department head Professor Sunil Sharma said that the PhD students have been coming to the campus for laboratory work and that is why the department has decided to hold offline exams. “We have received their letter and told them that online exams will not be possible, but we can consider extending the date by a week,” Sharma said. The exams are supposed to commence on December 10.

Exams exempted
Earlier, on December 3, a new set of directions to prevent further deterioration of the air quality in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) were issued by the Commission for Air Quality Management. While it ordered the closure of all educational institutions for in-person classes, it has allowed institutions to hold on-campus exams and laboratory practicals. 

"All schools, colleges and educational institutions in the NCR shall remain closed, allowing only online mode of education, except for the purpose of conducting examinations and laboratory practicals,''  the Commission for Air Quality Management said.

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