Feeling blue for a while now? This Columbia grad and her counselling sessions can put you at ease

Hyderabad-based Samyuktha Annamraju, the founder of The Mind Tab, wants to offer people experienced, quality and personalised counselling which she hopes will set her apart from the rest
Samyuktha Annamraju | (Pic: The Mind Tab)
Samyuktha Annamraju | (Pic: The Mind Tab)

We know what you'll think if we introduce you to another helpline, chat or video service that offers counselling, but what you should know about the founder of The Mind TabSamyuktha Annamraju, is that she pursued her MA and EdM in Counselling Psychology — Clinical Mental Health Counselling from Columbia University and came to Hyderabad in March 2020 and, as part of the course, she has had 700 hours of hardcore clinical practice. And when it comes to the problem of plenty counselling centres, the 25-year-old doesn't necessarily see it that way. "For the kind of demand that's already out there, the current number of services won't suffice anyway. Also, some of these services are not comprehensive. With what I offer, I handle it from start to end, from handling inquiries to sending feedback forms," says the youngster. While the portal is yet to be launched in its totality, she's been offering counselling via audio or video calls or even messages, since July.

Open communication and being honest are two very important aspects of therapy, as per her

What also sets this Hyderabadi's sessions apart is that she believes in a collaborative and learning relationship. "I don't pose as the expert and portray you as the one with problems. We are both knowledgeable in our own way," states Samyuktha, whose voice alone could herald positive vibes. She uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, psychodynamic psychotherapy and so on, depending on the need of the client. “If they could benefit from a quick solution, I try to use solution-based therapy or CBT. Else, if the client could benefit from becoming aware of how their past influences their present behaviour, I prefer psychodynamic psychotherapy,” she shares. Within two weeks of offering her services, she has had over ten inquiries and six of them have converted into clients. She is also insistent on another aspect, feedback. So, a monthly feedback form finds its way to the client's inbox where one can rate her on empathy, how close they are towards their goal, if her intervention has been helpful and so on.

Samyuktha Annamraju | (Pic: The Mind Tab)

Blog posts on the website, animated videos and even a podcast are the future. And for now, what Samyuktha wants to tell anyone who is thinking twice before approaching her for therapy is that, "I just want you to know that you are the experts of your life, whereas I have been educated in understanding mental health issues. Together, we can achieve what you want to achieve."

Some wise words from The Mind Tab pages:
- Most would understand if 2020 is missing from your résumé
- Setting aside one hour a week only for yourself is a significant step towards self-care
- Our body contains a lot of messages. We just need to pause and listen
- Come back to the here and now from the there and then

For therapy, call her on 099086 93934

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