Internet's favourite grandpa chef Narayana Reddy passes away, leaving fans distraught

The 73-year-old was popular for cooking large portions of food to feed orphans
Narayana Reddy
Narayana Reddy

Youtube's favourite grandpa, chef Narayana Reddy passed away today. The 73-year-old from Telangana became an internet sensation after launching his YouTube cooking channel called Grandpa Kitchen. 

Started in 2017, the channel attracted close to 6 million subscribers from across the world. Often set amidst lush green fields, his videos were a sight to behold with him cooking humongous portions of food, using the most basic techniques. 

From 500 packets of Maggi, to KFC-styled chicken and American Lasagna to Oreo pudding and gulab jamuns, there was a wide variety of recipes explained here. 

However, what caught the attention of viewers was the fact that he prepared these meals for orphans who wouldn't have been able to afford to try these elaborate dishes otherwise. 'We entertain people by cooking food and donate the proceeds to charities. Our goal is to provide basic necessities like food, clothing, school supplies and birthday gifts to the orphans', the bio on his Patreon account said. 

Reddy's final video was him making 'Crispy Potato Fingers', which was uploaded on September 20. Since then, he wasn't able to make an appearance due to his deteriorating health. 

As news of his death broke out, fans expressed their grief on social media. 

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