HR Summit 2024 held at IIT Madras

Established by IIT Madras in 1986, CODE (formerly the Centre for Continuing Education) is dedicated to fostering lifelong learning and equipping individuals with essential skills for success in the digital era
Panel discussion on Adapting for Agility Transitioning from Degree-Centric to Skill-Centric Hiring
Panel discussion on Adapting for Agility Transitioning from Degree-Centric to Skill-Centric Hiring (Pic: IIT Madras)

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras' Centre for Outreach and Digital Education (CODE) hosted the CODE HR Summit 2024 today, Saturday, June 1, featuring 21 HR (Human Resources) leaders and keynote sessions on Generative AI in Human Resources and the Metaverse.

The event included panel discussions on diversity in hiring, skill-based hiring, and upskilling strategies, informed a press release from the institute.

This inaugural edition of the HR Summit & Best Talent Award 2024 attracted distinguished attendees, including Chief Experience Officers (CXOs), Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), learning and development leaders, talent acquisition leaders, tech leaders, functional heads, programme working professionals, and IIT Madras BS programme learners.

The theme Empowering the Future Workforce summit delved into vital strategies for diversity, skill-based hiring, and upskilling.

Attendees engaged in three dynamic panel discussions, inspiring three keynote addresses, and interactive sessions, acquiring invaluable insights and essential tools for navigating the modern workplace.

The summit featured prominent speakers from Tata iQ, Morgan Stanley, Volvo Group, VMware, Wipro, IBM, ANSR Global, LatentView Analytics, Affine,, Flipkart, Informatica, Reltio, Prodapt, Capital One, Reltio, Berkadia, Urban Piper, Shenzyn, IIBA, and National Aerospace Laboratories.

Focused on identifying skill gaps, fostering innovative and agile learning solutions, and promoting inclusive upskilling opportunities, the Code HR 24 summit aimed to create industry-ready talent.

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