This is how Hyderabad-based PerspectAI is infusing games into corporate interviews

With their motto 'Play a game, get a job', these two youngsters are looking to revolutionise the recruitment process by introducing games that assess your various abilities in a more defined manner
Suraj Vanka and Jignesh Talasila | (Pic: PerspectAI)
Suraj Vanka and Jignesh Talasila | (Pic: PerspectAI)

Let's say you have a fleet of ships at your disposal to carry a number of consignments. You need to load the maximum number of consignments on to the ship, just enough that it doesn't sink. But too less and that's a wasted opportunity right there. How you proceed to carry out this task will give away a lot about your risk-taking appetite, logical reasoning and behaviour. Now imagine, it is this task (a gamified version of it technically) that stands between you and your job. What would you say then? We'd say brilliant! And bringing us this brilliance since August 2017 is the Hyderabad-based start-up PerspectAI. "We use game science, data science and people science to break down the most relevant 21st-century skills into measurable cognitive abilities, work motives, personality traits and communication skills," says CEO and Co-founder Jignesh Talasila.

Screenshot from one of their games

Look, we are not the only ones impressed with this, turns out their very first client was PwC India and some of the others are Aditya Birla Capital, BYJU'S, Schneider Electric, TATA AIA, and several others are queuing up to make the most of their solution to hiring for grey and white collar jobs. It was during the lockdowns that founders Jignesh and Suraj Vanka had to pivot, and fast. "Things were looking good but when the lockdowns began, our revenue dropped to zero and for two to three months, we were out of work. We had to think on our feet and that's when we reasoned that candidates will need to access this remotely on their phones and started working towards making these assessments and simulations available to the remotest corners of India," explains Jignesh. And this is how they did it.

Puranjaya Singh, Jignesh Talasila and Suraj Vanka

First came Mirrior.AI, a virtual video interview and pitch practice tool that helps users record their videos and get AI feedback on areas of improvement. But that's not it. It also conducts a one-way asynchronous video interview in which the candidate will answer pre-determined questions. After this follows the simulation and game-based assessments. Remote assessments automatically means more chances of the candidate cheating. They use AI proctoring, which takes random pictures at sporadic moments during the interview to ensure there are no malpractices.  

Another one of their games

The games that PerspectAI offers to their seven clients are worked upon thoroughly by psychologists, with Dr Puranjaya Singh, Co-founder and Chief of Psychology, at the helm of it all. By the end of the 25 to 30-minute interview process, PerspectAI has insightful and actionable insights from the assessments of the candidates that it presents to the clients in the form of a report card available on a dynamic portal. "With just a couple of clicks, the HR has the flexibility and agility to check all the parameters the candidates have been assessed on. Our algorithms also venture to recommend, not recommend or cautiously recommend the candidates," says the 30-year-old. That's the power of the 35 games that they have developed and customise as per the requirement of the company.

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