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Why Pavan Srinath's public policy podcasts are the governance rundown we really needed 

Pavan Srinath is a bilingual podcaster with over ten years of experience communicating to India's youth about public policy, urban governance, current affairs and everything in between

Published on 23rd September 2020
Indian youths latest news update

Not caste, creed, colour or religion: India's youth now engaged in learning more languages

According to recently released census data, 52 per cent of India's urban youth are now bilingual and 18 per cent of them speaks three languages

Published on 22nd November 2018

Are people preferring digital books over traditional ones? Here's a campaign that reveals so

According to the results, books in Hindi (bilingual or Hindi only) were the most-read books on the application. People preferred books in their mother tongue

Published on 27th June 2018

Visva Bharati VC bans shooting films contrary to Rabindranath Tagore's ideals on campus

The bilingual film focuses on Rabindranath Tagore's relationship with a family friend who helped him with western manners before he left the motherland

Published on 19th February 2018

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