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In a tragic incident, two students drown in Sokuleru stream while trying to take selfie

The duo were studying degree courses at Bhimavaram DNR College. They fell into the stream while taking selfies standing at the edge of the stream

Published on 6th October 2021

Indians emerging as prolific users of filters in selfies: study

Unlike Germany, Indian respondents expressed low levels of concern about the impact of filters on their children's wellbeing

Published on 21st November 2020

If you're obsessively examining, editing your selfies, you have a problem

The study analysed the selfie-taking habits of 278 teenage girls, ages 14 to 17, who completed an online survey in which they answered questions about selfies

Published on 20th February 2020

Beyond fun, can selfies actually kill? The rising no of people dying while snapping themselves paints a grim picture

Between October 2011 and November 2017, at least 259 people were killed taking selfies around the globe. That’s compared to just 50 people who have died from shark attacks

Published on 13th July 2019
Minaxi Vishnu selfie couple death

5 deadly selfies: Here's why more than 40 per cent of selfie-related deaths happen in India

In the light of the recent incident where an Indian couple fell off a cliff to death while attempting to click a selfie, here are a few similar incidents that occurred in the past

Published on 31st October 2018

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