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What happened on November 24: Darwinism was born, Apollo 12 came home and 'Sachin, Sachin!' became an anthem

Darwin's theories are all written in the book titled On The Origin of Species that was published on November 24, 1859

Published on 24th November 2021

What happened on November 15: Sachin Tendulkar, Waqar Younis made their debuts, Arafat declared independence for Palestine

November 15 is a big day for cricket lovers and players. Two of the game's most iconic players made their debut. Meanwhile, Palestine gets a new directive and Gillette's wonder blade gets a legal edge

Published on 15th November 2021

28 years of Sachin: Little Master goes live and tells kids not to "get attached to results". What's your fave Sachin-ism?

It's been four years since Sachin retired but he remains irreplaceable, which he proved yet again with a Facebook live with students in Pune. Here are some of what we thought was "aila", awesome 

Published on 15th November 2017

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