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IIT Guwahati develops new method to produce sugar substitute 'Xylitol' from sugarcane waste 

The method has been developed now as there has been a rise in the consumption of alternative sweeteners 

Published on 23rd August 2022

IIT Madras team identifies gene that spurs Indians' risk of diabetes, heart attacks and hypertension

The team found that the gene variation was present in approximately 15 per cent of Indian and other South Asian populations

Published on 31st January 2022

What The FAQ: How deadly is the NeoCov virus? Should you be scared?

Yes, NeoCov does exist and is found in a species of bats called Neoromicia — thus the name NeoCo

Published on 29th January 2022

BHU scientists find cure for chronic wounds. Here's how they managed it 

The team led by Prof Gopal Nath of the department of Microbiology said that wounds that took months and years to heal, could now be cured in days or months

Published on 18th January 2022

Tired of the glucometer prick? This diabetic 20-year-old has made an alternative and it's Shark Tank India-worthy!

Duvvuru Varshitha, along with her Co-Founder Vimal Kumar, has been working on this idea for some time now and this is how far the duo has made it.

Published on 3rd January 2022

What happened on November 14: Einstein explained light's nature and a day to raise awareness regarding diabetes

One of Albert Einstein's first contributions to physics came on this day when he explained the quantum theory of light

Published on 14th November 2021

Study says type 2 diabetes can be controlled through diet; pharmacists well-positioned to supervise the transition

The research was part of a 12-week study involving a specialised diet that was managed by local pharmacists

Published on 13th September 2021

Novo Nordisk Education Foundation introduces Mishti, a one stop solution for diabetes education

NNEF's Mishti objective is to offer key information and services on insulin device demos, customised diet plans for each patient

Published on 22nd July 2021

Study finds that ethnic diversity helps identify more genomic regions linked to diabetes-related traits

Researchers looked at glycemic traits used to diagnose diabetes and monitor sugar and insulin levels in the blood

Published on 1st June 2021

New study suggests game-based routines boost physical activity among diabetes patients

By making a game out of getting their daily steps, the new research pointed to the possibility that people with diabetes could be nudged toward increasing their physical activity

Published on 31st May 2021

Researchers find simple foot test detects heart rhythm disorder in patients with diabetes

Diabetes is an independent risk factor for atrial fibrillation. Prevalence of the heart rhythm disorder is at least two-fold higher in patients with diabetes compared to those without

Published on 24th April 2021

Study finds diabetes patients to benefit from new 3D bio-printing technique for bone repair

Researchers have developed a technique that produces 3D bioprinted bone-repair 'scaffolds' that are infused with bone marrow stem cells, bone morphogenic protein-4 and macrophage

Published on 30th March 2021

Children with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes have 10 times higher risk of COVID-19-related complications, death

Children with type 1 diabetes and COVID-19 were more likely to die, to require an endotracheal tube to help them breathe, to develop pneumonia, or to develop septic shock

Published on 21st March 2021

Study finds that diabetes patients who use health apps have improved health, lower medical costs

The study concluded that patients who used the apps had better health outcomes and were able to regulate their health behaviour more effectively

Published on 25th February 2021

AIIMS study shows Ayurvedic-allopathic drug combo more potent in controlling diabetes

The study was performed on animals over the period of 18 months in which doctors provided Ayurveda formulation 'BGR-34' and allopathic drug Glibenclamide separately to a group

Published on 30th January 2021

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