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Obesity, malnourishment, anaemia and more: What ails children of Bengaluru and why?

India ranked 101 out of 116 countries in Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2021. India’s score on GHI indicators is 27.5, which shows that India has a serious level of hunger

Published on 7th July 2022

Kids being adventurous while playing? Let them be! Study says they might have better mental health

The research team surveyed around 2,500 parents of children aged 5-11 years as part of their extensive survey. It was published in Child Psychiatry and Human Development

Published on 21st May 2022

Anganwadi schools begin for children in Mumbai's Thane district after a two-year gap

The children were warmly welcomed by the staff with bouquets, and the entrances of the anganwadi centres were decorated with colorful rangolis

Published on 30th April 2022

Students made to clean classroom and fill water in bathroom at school in Krishnagiri  

Krishnagiri Chief Education Officer KP Maheshwari said that she will inquire with the DEO regarding the issue

Published on 22nd April 2022

Early detection of diseases in children is right on track in this Tamil Nadu town, 98% target covered

Around 1,021,46 children were screened at schools. Among them, 6,688 of them were found positive for various disorders and 4,661 were referred for treatment

Published on 6th April 2022

Under Kerala's Operation P-Hunt to nab those who view, share child pornography, one arrested and many mobile phones seized

The Ernakulam Rural police arrested one person as a part of Operation P-Hunt. Also, 32 persons were booked. Here's an update on the drive as of April 3

Published on 4th April 2022

Multi-pronged strategy in place to eliminate child labour: Labour Minister Bhupender Yadav

According to the data tabled late last week in the Karnataka State Assembly, 972 children were rescued from child labour between 2018 and 2020

Published on 14th March 2022

A generation of children will be left behind if we do not open our schools now, says Delhi's Deputy CM Manish Sisodia

Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia made these comments after he met a delegation of parents led by epidemiologist and public policy specialist Chandrakant Lahariya

Published on 26th January 2022

What the FAQ: When and how can children get vaccinated against COVID in India?

A few days ago, the Government of India had announced that children aged between 15 and 18 will be eligible to get vaccinated for COVID

Published on 28th December 2021

Storybooks early source of gender stereotypes for children, a new study finds

Previous research on children's books and gender stereotypes has relied mostly on content analysis

Published on 24th December 2021

Meghalaya's new early childhood development programme is aimed at overall welfare of children. Here's how it will work

The recommendations made at the workshop are in the process of being reviewed by representatives of various departments, authorities of ICDS and the NCERT

Published on 22nd December 2021

Fighting malnutrition: Why the FCI plans to distribute fortified rice to make India well nourished by 2024

Fortification of rice is a cost-effective and complementary strategy to increase vitamin and mineral content in diets and a step towards nutritional security and to fight anaemia and malnutrition

Published on 22nd December 2021
Children COVID-19

Available data shows no urgency: Why the NTAGI wants to delay vax jabs for children in India

The Centre is presently reviewing its COVID-19 vaccination plan and it was expected to take a decision by December-end on booster shots and vaccines for children

Published on 22nd December 2021

Almost 75 per cent of India's severely malnourished children live in UP and Bihar, says WCD Ministry

Uttar Pradesh has 3,55,314 severely malnourished children. This accounts to 39.5 per cent of the total number of malnourished children in the country

Published on 20th December 2021

Child pornography cases reported in India increase by more than 600 per cent in 2020: What does this mean?

Now, this data also shows a sharp increase in the number of child pornography cases from 2019, where only 103 cases were registered. In 2018, at the same time, the numbers were only 44

Published on 15th December 2021

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