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Blod Bros: This portal by Chennai students can connect patients with blood donors in five seconds

Varun Nair and Adithya Vikram developed Blod.in, a portal where users can enter their blood group and zip code to access a list of donors

Published on 22nd September 2021

Study finds how the dreaming phase matters for brain refreshing

The researchers also measured electrical activity in the brain to identify REM sleep, non-REM sleep, and wakefulness and looked for differences in blood flow between these phases

Published on 4th September 2021

Suspected dengue fever kills a teen, two infants, three children in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura

The cause of death is still not clear, said officials, adding that there is a possibility of dengue, as their blood platelets were found to be low along with fever

Published on 24th August 2021

Scientists discover new technique that predicts astronauts' space radiation risk

The researchers studied blood samples from space station crew members to measure their levels of chromosome alterations from radiation and other factors 

Published on 23rd August 2021

This assistant professor from Hyderabad is making posters to promote admissions in govt schools

Srikanth Renikunta has also conducted blood donation camps before and during the ongoing pandemic. He has helped out many people on social media and this is what his latest project is all about

Published on 21st July 2021

Study finds that common medication for cholesterol may lessen COVID-19 severity

Statins are commonly used to reduce blood cholesterol levels by blocking liver enzymes responsible for making cholesterol

Published on 16th July 2021

Some blood pressure-lowering medicines linked to less memory decline in older adults: Study

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia in older adults. Nearly half of American adults have elevated blood pressure

Published on 22nd June 2021

AstraZeneca jab has been authorised for all age-groups: European Medicines Agency

On June 11, Italy restricted the use of AstraZeneca doses to those aged 60 years and above, after a teenager who had received the shot died from a rare form of blood clotting

Published on 14th June 2021

What the FAQ: What is World Blood Donor Day all about?  

In today's FAQ, we try to break down what World Blood Donor Day is all about and why one must donate blood

Published on 14th June 2021

Pfizer jab produces less antibodies against Delta variant of the Coronavirus according to Lancet

For the study, the team analysed antibodies in the blood of 250 healthy people who received either one or two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, up to three months after their first dose

Published on 4th June 2021

Study finds that ethnic diversity helps identify more genomic regions linked to diabetes-related traits

Researchers looked at glycemic traits used to diagnose diabetes and monitor sugar and insulin levels in the blood

Published on 1st June 2021

In the last 30 days, this 33-year-old IAS officer has set up a plasma portal, oxygen delivery and vaccination facility

United by Blood not only helps plasma recipients but also gets oxygen delivered on time and has now started drive through vaccination facilities

Published on 27th May 2021

COVID mortality associated with 2 signs easily measurable at home: Study

A new study on COVID patients has found that abnormal blood-oxygen levels and breathing rates are strong predictors of poor patient outcomes in hospitals

Published on 24th May 2021
heart disease

Tailored cardiac rehab programme improved function, quality of life in older heart failure patients, suggests new study

Heart failure, which happens when the heart can't pump blood the way it should because it is too weak or stiff, is the leading cause of hospitalisations in people 65 and older

Published on 24th May 2021

This DST funded kit will help you get faster results for COVID antibody tests

The test kit comes in two parts. One is the handheld analyser which reads the blood sample and gives a detailed report

Published on 22nd May 2021

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