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File e-complains and stay up-to-date with all things cyberspace via this app by KL University students 

Information, expert advice and solutions — all this is and much more is offered by Cyber Alert, the app that is now available on the Google Play store 

Published on 23rd November 2021

Get with the legalese: Why law students must master the language of the law

The technicality of the legal language used in legal written documents is so unvaried and expansive, a legal expert or practitioner’s advice is a must to comprehend

Published on 30th June 2021

Welcome to Reason: In COVID edu-emergency, the tortoise is set to win  

The CBSE, sources said, will set up a committee to decide the alternative scheme for tabulating results. A student’s performance in internal school assessments will be a crucial part of the scheme

Published on 12th June 2021

This Instagram page run by doctors, med students is giving patients medical help via DM! 

COVID Lifeline India is an Instagram page that belongs to a group of doctors and medical students offering counselling, information and advice to patients

Published on 2nd June 2021

Discrimination is a strict no-no: How can we find apt solutions in schools, colleges to teach our kids better

Caste discrimination still remains a problem. The Coach tries to find apt solutions in our schools and colleges to teach our kids better

Published on 5th June 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Is wearing a mask our duty or responsibility?

Pro tip: Be clear about what your duties are and commit to them. Be aware that it works both ways. With responsibility, take up more than your role demands and see the difference it makes

Published on 22nd May 2021

Will you choose profit or people? How the pandemic has caused us to rethink our priorities

The pandemic has caused us to rethink our priorities. The Coach lists out why people must always come before profit of any kind

Published on 15th May 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Here’s why saying ‘No’ can be good for you

Pro Tip: Saying no saves you time and energy and reduces unnecessary stress and needless complications

Published on 8th May 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Establish a working zone within your mind to keep you on your toes

When you create a trash zone in your mind, you are certain to move in an automatic mode. Establish a working zone within your mind to keep you on your toes

Published on 1st May 2021

English Blues: What do the words stay and safe mean when put together in a sentence?

How a friendly farewell expression has become a piece of advice or a warning shows that the language evolves as per changing situations

Published on 1st May 2021

Here's how this app by IIT grads is helping 30 lakh farmers network and troubleshoot their problems

Krishify helps farmers to solve their issues, connect with other farmers, seek advice from agricultural experts, access information repository on crops and much more

Published on 29th April 2021

NISM collaborates with CRISIL to launch certification for wealth managers

Making an investment choice between actively and passively managed funds, exchange- traded funds, and opportunities abroad is not easy and requires expert advice

Published on 29th April 2021

Tap into your grand brand! Here's why you need the right branding for people to like you

How do you want people to see you? The Coach tells us how it is the right branding and marketing strategy that gets people to like you

Published on 24th April 2021

Be the next proud voter: Here's why it is important to exercise your democratic right to vote

The Coach writes for all those who are preparing to vote. Here’s why it’s the most important duty and right of a democratic citizen

Published on 3rd April 2021

Fight the good fight! Here’s why we must never engage in a rivalry

The Coach illustrates the difference between healthy competition and rivalry. Here’s why we must never engage in the latter

Published on 22nd February 2021

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