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Five out of 10 children diagnosed with ADHD don't outgrow the disorder, finds study

The inattentive symptoms look like disorganisation, forgetfulness and having trouble staying on task. Then there are also the hyperactive, impulsive symptoms

Published on 14th August 2021

I don't feel so special: How online classes during the pandemic have wrecked special needs kids

While not being in school has affected the learning progress of every student it has made things much worse for the kids with special needs

Published on 17th July 2021

Brain connectivity can be used as biomarker for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Study

Attention deficit disorder is the most commonly diagnosed psychological disorder among school-aged children, but it's hard to identify

Published on 28th January 2021

Researchers to add computer simulations to cognitive testing methods to identify ADHD in kids

According to researchers from Ohio State University, for ADHD, however, these cognitive tests often don't capture the complexity of symptoms

Published on 3rd January 2021

Study reveals individuals with high ADHD-traits are more vulnerable to insomnia

The study from Karolinska Institutet published in Biological Psychofiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging reports

Published on 19th December 2020

Why online education is not the way forward for a child with learning disabilities

Parents, teachers and experts tell us that children with disabilities find it extremely difficult to cope up with online education

Published on 11th June 2020

Study links brain function changes to genetic risk in ADHD diagnosis

In the study, researchers focused their imaging analyses on selected brain regions, looking specifically at the communication between those regions and the rest of the brain in children with the diagn

Published on 1st April 2020

Kids with ADHD take more time to be school-ready, says Stanford study

They were 73 times more likely than children without ADHD to be impaired in approaches to learning

Published on 22nd July 2019

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