Coach Calling: Hey, students, here's how you can support stressed out teachers

The first point I'd like to make you all aware of is that we don't realise how important teachers are to us
Coach Calling | (Pic: EdexLive)
Coach Calling | (Pic: EdexLive)

"Hey teacher, leave them kids alone!" is what we've all heard, thanks to the legendary song Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd.

But for today's conversation, I say, "Hey kids, DON'T leave them teachers alone!" and I mean it in the most positive sense possible. I say this, my dearest rockstars as teachers today are having quite a hard time, especially regarding their salary. So today, let's figure out the best way that we can support these heroes and what you all can do, to bring a smile to their faces.

The harsh reality, the brutal truth
I've been a teen and I've been a teacher too which has made me experience first-hand what happens on both sides. The first thing I'd like to make you all aware of is that we don't realise how important teachers are to us. They are the ones who mould us during the crucial part of our lives, they help us succeed, they teach us the most important values, and if you have the right attitude, they become your closest friends!

But how often do you keep in touch with them? I too haven't... But just take a step back from your daily hustle and bustle, to think of the best teachers that you had and all the wonderful memories. You'll realise how much their presence mattered! Also, it'll make us realise how thankless their job is. They help us become successful but hardly lead a life of comfort; they help us learn and earn; they sacrifice the time they have to spend with their own children to make time for us... I can go on and on, but I'll stop here, whilst still reiterating how contrasting ours' and their lives turn out. In a perfect world, teachers would be paid handsomely and would be the most respected and important part of society.

So starting today, I want you all to step up and do your best to make the lives of your teachers better and here are some trendy ways you can do so:

Be the support that will supercharge their superpowers
Most teachers go above and beyond their classroom duties to maximise learning and engagement. They do so by organising extracurricular activities, special projects, school trips and other activities. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice and the best thing to do would be to give your 100 per cent involvement and actively participate or volunteer to help out your beloved teacher(s). It not only boosts teacher morale but also enhances your bond with them.

Hand it to them, for all that they do
It's a well-known fact that teachers often juggle a zillion things! Planning for classes, grading papers and assignments, planning activities and also their administration-related work isn't easy. The best thing that you can do to make their lives better is to offer a hand and assist with anything that you're interested in. It's a game-changer and will ease their daily workload to such a level that they'll thank you for tipping the scales and balancing their work life.

Tech it up
Technology is your best friend but unfortunately, not such a good friend to most of our teachers. They have too much to do and hardly have time to be as well-informed as you, the trendsetters. Utilise your knowledge to make their lives easier by making them aware of educational apps, online resources, and digital tools that align with the curriculum. You can also help them organise interactive quizzes, virtual field trips and anything else that shall make their lives easier and make your educational journey more engaging and interactive. You're not only reducing the burden of teachers but also helping them keep pace with evolving teaching methods and technology.

Sharing is caring
One point that most of my classmates who were "high-ranking students" had in common was a secret that made them that way. They taught the concepts to several fellow students which led to them repeating the subject numerous times, thereby, increasing their ability to remember. How is this fact related here? Well, if you do your best to share knowledge and resources, you'll be doing your teachers a huge favour by reducing their workload of handling doubts of your classmates. If you're able to help at least those sitting next to you, it'll be a big deal. If no one's helping you or if you don't understand, your beloved teacher is always there and you can always approach them.

Do something that really matters; no matter how small
1. A few teachers might be walking all the way to school and your routes might be the same. Stop and ask if they need a lift
2. Offer to help them out when they have too many things to carry
3. Keep the black/whiteboard ready or clean
4. Help them carry assignments or other stuff to the staff room
5. Plan for a surprise on their birthday; volunteer and collect funds (if your school or college permits) and give them gifts that shall make their lives easier

Whatever you can do, do your best to help them out. Use your creativity, as there are a hundred steps that you can take and I'll leave it to you!

T E A C H E R - The Coach's acronym
My acronym is simple and yet pretty deep! Teachers are "The Educators And Coaches Helping our Eternal Resilience". Never have I ever come across a teacher, whether they taught us in school, college, graduation or postgraduation, who has turned us down when we need help, irrespective of what stage of life we are in. They deserve much much more than what we give them credit for and I would really request you all to do whatever it takes to make your teachers feel appreciated. 

I'd like to sign off by taking this opportunity to thank all my teachers and lecturers in Home School, Kumaran's, Vijaya Composite College, PES College and Dayananda Sagar College who have moulded me, supported me, guided me, parented me and whose unconditional efforts have enabled me to become what I am today. I may not say I've achieved everything that I had thought I would, but I'm content with the fact that I've made you all proud.

To sir(s) and madam(s) with love;
Adarsh Benakappa Basavaraj
Your Coach

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